Yantra for Winning a War

This is a Yantra for winning a war, which is called in the Hindi language as Yudh Me Shatru Pe Jeet Pane Ka Yantra. The procedure for making and using this Indian Numerology Charm to emerge victorious over the enemy in a war or a battle has been described below in this post.

The Yantra is one of the secret weapons, which are part of the diverse range of Gupt Astra Shastras or secret weapons that have always been an integral component or part and parcel of ancient Hindu Religious Texts. Such scriptures, including the Ramayana and Mahabharata contain numerous instances of secret powers, being invoked for emerging victorious against an enemy, opponent or even in a war.

It is also possible that warriors and soldiers were given some sort of Yantra or Protective Talisman before the commencement of a war.

The Yantra, which is numerological combination vibrating to the frequency of the number 986 can be prepared on any auspicious Tithi, Shubh Muhurat, Grahan Kaal or on a festival like Diwali, Navratri, Holi Makar Sankranti or Vijaya Dashmi.

There is nothing much to be done other than write the Yantra[shown below by me in the image] on a Bhojpatra or a Plain Piece of White Colored Paper with any ink or paste that is prepared using a fragrant or aromatic substance. Any pointed wooded stick can be used to write the Yantra.

Hindu Charm for Winning a War
Yantra for Winning a War

Then, as always, it should be placed for some time on a wooden board and an oil lamp and incense stick should be lit in front of it.

Then, it can be folded and placed inside a Cloth Tabeez or a Metal Locket and worn around the neck or upper arm, like a protective talisman.

Note- Even though the Yantra has been basically described by me as a War Winning Yantra, it can also be used for other physical encounter with weapons, like a fight with an enemy or opponent or gang fights.


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