One Mantra for Success and All Problems Solutions

One Mantra for the removal of problems and obstacles like enemy, money and business, legal and court or for the success of any task, job or work has been described by me in this post. In the Hindi language, this Mantra is called as Sarva Pareshani Aur Samasyaon ke Nivaran Ka Mantra or Sab Kaam Ke Safalta Ke Liye Ek Hi Mantra.

This is a single Mantra comprising of root sounds or Beej Mantras, which is said to be most effective and beneficial for the solution of multiple problems or success in numerous tasks.

Commence the Mantra Sadhana on any auspicious day, festival, Grahan Kaal, Shubh Muhurat or Tithi. Sit facing the East Direction and chant the Mantra 12,500 times using your preferred counting rosary.  This will grant you to gain Siddhi over the Mantra and enable you to perform the Mantra Prayogas mentioned below.

One Hindu Mantra Chant for Success and All Problems Solutions

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं ब्लूं ऐं नमः स्वाहा ||
Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Bloom Aim Namah Swaha ||

Four different kind of very simple and easy to perform experiments can be performed using the above Mantra, after you have gained Siddhi over the Mantra.

1] For resolution of any kind of Shatru Nivaran problem, take the name of your enemy and chant the Mantra 7 times and then softly move your palms on your face.

This is said to cast a Vashikaran Spell of Attraction upon the enemy and the enemy will stop bothering you.

Same experiment can be performed to subdue rivals or competitors.

2] For the fulfillment of any task, job or work, chant 1 Mala of the Mantra before starting the task.

This is said to remove all problems and obstacles and ensure the successful completion of the task.

3] If faced with any legal or court related matters or litigation, on the day of the court case or hearing/judgment, chant the Mantra 21 times before going to the court.

This will give your relief or the verdict will be in your favor.

4] If going for trade, business or money and finance to another town or city, sit on the banks of a lake or river, which is located outside the town and chant 1 Mala of the Mantra and then enter the town or village.

This will ensure success in the purpose for which you have gone to that place.

Note- The word Bloom is missing in the image in the English language version of the Mantra.


  1. Hello Dear Sir
    In english version word bloom is missing is this an error or it is supose to be like that.Please clarify thank you.

    1. Seen the correction and note at the bottom of the post.

    2. Sir Bloom Beej Mantra. Belongs to which form of God.

  2. Respected Neel sir

    in how many days we have to complete this 12500 chants any fix timing or we can chant any time ?
    and every time we have to chant towards east facing only ?

  3. Dear sir
    Do we need to do dashansh homa and if yes then with which samagri home has to be done

  4. Can we perform this sadhana on sankranthi?

  5. Sir is this a satwik mantra?
    Does it need any diksha or initiation?
    Can a layperson practice it?
    Any side effects??

    Neel sir waiting for ur

  6. Dear sir
    Pls tell me what does a maala means? 101 or 1001 times kindly reply
    Thank you

  7. sir can we use this mantra to fulfill our daily needs like the need for love and understanding between husband and wife and the need for money and other daily needs.

  8. neel sir,can this mantra be used to satisfy a persons daily or basic needs like having a good r.ship with family members or the need to increase the flow of money.thank you neel sir

    1. You can try the option given in point number 2 to fulfil your needs and love and harmony with wife and other family members.


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