Saraswati Mantra to Improve Memory Power

A Buddhi Aur Smaran Shakti Badhane Ka Saraswati Mantra – Prarthana or a Saraswati Mantra-Prarthana to improve Intelligence and Memory has been described by me in this post. This Mantra, composed in the Hindi language is like a mind and memory increasing prayer, which is suitable for everyone, including senior citizens, housewives and students.

The Mantra can be memorized and then chanted anytime it is needed. Even though, the Mantra can be chanted anytime, it will give the best results to chant if chanted in the morning after bathing and immediately before retiring at night.

It is said the The Vidya Ki Devi Saraswati Mata, will be pleased with the chanter of the Mantra and shower he blessing upon the chanter.

स्मरण शक्ति स्वरुप सरस्वती बनावे,
जो जय जय बोले धर्म की याद उसी की आवे,
बुद्धि बढ़े अहंकार हटे और ज्योत घी की लगावे,
सरस्वती की पूजा करे पूर्ण आस लगावें,
जो सरस्वती माता को पूजे गाय को भोजन करावे,
वह सुपुत्र बुद्धि बढ़े सुखी जीवन बितावे,
सरस्वती माता कंठ बुद्धि देवी जो मनावे,
वाही फल पावे स्मरण शक्ति देवे बुद्धि की शक्ति बढ़ावे |

Smaran Shakti Swaroop Saraswati Banaave,
Jo Jai Jai Bole Dharm Ki Yaad Usi Ki Aave,
Buddhi Badhe Aahamkaar Hate Aur Jyot Ghee Ki Lagaave,
Saraswati Ki Pooja Kare Purna Aas Lagaavem,
Jo Saraswati Mata Ko Pooje Gaay Ko Bhojan Karaave,
Vaha Suputra Buddhi Badhe Sukhi Jeevan Bitaave,
Saraswati Mata Kanth Buddhi Devi Jo Manaave,
Vahi Phal Paave Smaran Shakti Deve Buddhi Ki Shakti Badhaave ||

It is recommended that worried parents, can teach their children to chant the Mantra to improve memory, focus and concentrate upon their studies and extra-curricular activities.

The Mantra will also remove the pressures and tensions, which are felt by many students, before their examinations and enable them to score more marks in the exams.


  1. Guruji is there any yantra for people in legal profession like judge/advocate
    For success in their profession like arguments case winning etc
    If available Guruji please post it


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