Simple Tantra to See Future Event in Dreams

A simple stand-alone Tantra, which is said to give before hand knowledge about the event that are going to occur in the future, in a dream has been described by me in this post. This method of gaining the extrasensory powers of future vision or sight is contained in the Bhavishya Gyan Tantra or the Indian Paranormal Science of Future Knowledge.

This method of gaining future sight in a dream is one of the simplest of the methods for this specific purpose, which have been published on this site over the past several years.

This method of gaining extra-sensory perception or psychic ability to see the future in dreams or get answers to questions in dreams, make the use of the Amar Bel Plant.

The Amar-Bel Plant [Cuscuta Reflexa  or Dodder in the English language] is a parasite wine/ creeper, which grows and nourishes itself on other trees.

It is said to possess miraculous healing powers and is widely used in the preparation of numerous Traditional Indian and Ayurvedic Medicines to treat a wide and diverse range of disease and ailment.

To practice this Sapne Me Bhavishya Janne Ka Tantra, the steps given below have to be followed by the practitioner.

1] In order to practice this Tantra, the practitioner has to go to an isolated place where the Amar Bel Vine is growing as a parasite plant on another tree.

2] There, he has to perform 7 Parikrama[clockwise rotations] of the host tree on which the Amar Bel is growing.

3] Then, he has to cut off a branch of the host tree, which contains the Amer Bel and go back to his house.

4] At home, he has to separate the Amar Bel from the branch of the host tree and light an incense stick, in-front of the branch and burn it to ash. The ash can later on be immersed in a flowing water body.

4] The separated Amar Bel Vise should be kept next to pillow or the place where the head in placed while sleeping at night.

This is said to give the practitioner the paranormal ability to visualize the happening of the future in a dream or get answers to pressing question in a dream.

Notes- As mentioned above, this is a stand-along Bhavishya Gyan Tantra and it does not need the chanting of any Mantra or Stotra or the performing of any other ritual other than what is mentioned above by me in this post.

For learning about other Mantra-Yantra-Tantra and remedies of the visualization or getting before hand knowledge of future events, please visit the section on – Future Mantra Tantra


  1. Dear sir,

    "At home, he has to separate the Amar Bel from the branch of the host tree and light an incense
    stick, in-front of the branch and burn it to ash. The ask can later on be immersed in a owing
    water body"

    As per the above line i am unable to understand, which one i have to burn. Is it the host tree branch or part of Amar Bel ? Plz guide me.


  2. 1. Should the amarbel be also cut along with the host tree ?
    2. Burn host tree branch or essence stick ?


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