Fearsome Voodoo Love Spell to Bind Lover

In this post, I have described a fearsome Kala Jadu Vashikaran love spell to bind a desired lover. This most powerful black magic Voodoo Love Spell is said to work effectively for both men and women who wish to cast the spell to trap a desired woman or man under a strong spell of attraction.

In order to cast the Vashikaran love spell, the procedure given below should be followed by the practitioner.

1] On the night of the First Sighting of the Moon at about 7 PM to 8 PM, the practitioner should capture a crow. If the desired lover is a man, then, a male crow has to be caught, if the desired lover is a female, then, a female should be captured.

2] The captured crow should be kept in a cage and on the first night, it should not be given anything to eat or drink.

3] Then, from the next day on-wards, the crow should be given food grains to eat and raw cow milk mixed with a few drops of Kewra Essence and a few strands of Kesar,  to drink.

4] Then, on the 8th night, the crow should be killed and its liver [Kauwe Ka Kaleja] should be removed from its body. The rest of the body of the crow should be burred at the same spot from which it had been captured.

5] The liver of the crow should then be dried under sunlight in a covered place.

6] When, the liver has dried out completely, a thread should be woven inside it and Shendur Powder[red vermilion] should be applied all over the dried liver.

7] Then, whenever you go to meet the desired lover, you should keep the crows liver in your right palm. The Kak Tantra says that as you start pressing the crows liver, the heart of the desired lover will start getting restless and he or she will come under your strong Voodoo Love Spell. The Kak Tantra further says that the Love Spell will be cast faster, the harder you start pressing the liver.

This Bina Mantra Ka Aadmi Ya Aurat Ko Vash Karne Ka Tamsik Totka as this spell is called in the Hindi language is a variation of an earlier Kala Jadu Vashikaran Upay that has originated from the same Kak Tantra, which is an Indian Tantra on the paranormal uses of the crow and its body parts. The earlier article can be seen here - Tamsik and Aghori Vashikaran Tantra to Fascinate Desired Lover

Note- This article has been written only for giving knowledge about rare and unknown Indian Tantric Practices and not to advocate the actual use of the same.

The crow is a harmless bird and it should not be harmed for selfish purposes. 


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