Sunday, December 31, 2017

Magical Ring For Money and Health

In this post, I have written about the formula to prepare a Magical Indian Ring for removing poverty and attracting money, wealth and good health. Wearing this Magical or Jadui Angoothi as it is called in the Hindi language will attract the most positive vibrations as per the writings of the ancient Sanskrit Tantra in which this formula appears.

The procedure mentioned below should be followed for making the Magical Ring:

1] The Magical Ring should be prepared during the specific period of a Pushya Nakshatra [[the constellation Delta Cancri] falling on either a Friday or Sunday as per the Hindu Almanac.

2] The 3 metals mentioned below should be taken in the quantity given in Masha, which is an ancient Indian unit for measuring weight. The exact weight of 1 Masha is equal to 0.97 grams
a]  Tamba [Copper] 3 Masha
b] Chandi [Silver] 4 Masha
c] Sona [Gold] 2.5 Masha

3] Separate wires should be prepared in the same weight and proportion and then interwoven together to prepare the Magical Ring.

4] The Magical Ring should be place on a wooden board and worshiped with offerings of fresh flowers and an oil lamp and incense stick have to be lit in front of it.

5] It should then be worn on the Anamika or Ring Finger of the Right Hand.

Notes- In my opinion, the key to success in this Tantra primarily depends upon the specific timing and the exact given weight of the 3 metals.

Any kind of specific form of worship or ritual has not been prescribed for using this Magical Ring. However, the practitioner can worship the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance, if so desired.

Information contained in this post is based upon the writings of an ancient Indian Scripture on the Paranormal, hence, this site cannot vouch for the sure shot success of this Paranormal Remedy.

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  1. From where I can get this ring ?

    Please tel me.


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