Vashikaran By Incense to Attract Desired Girl or Boy

Vashikaran By Scent, Smell and Incense or Baas, Sugandh Aur Dhoop Dwara Vashikaran, is a popular method of casting Vashikaran Love-Spells on a desired girl or boy lover or life-partner. In this post, I have written about 2 easy to perform Vashikaran Experiments or Totke, which manipulate the senses of a targeted person using a special kind of Dhoop or Incense to bind that person under a Voodoo Spell as a lover or life-partner.

1] This Vashikaran By Incense Experiment, which makes the use of animal blood, can be termed as an Aghori or Tamas Guni Experiment.

The ingredients, mentioned below have to be collected and powdered together to make a mixture.

The Panchang of Datura [thorn apple plant in the English language], Panchang means the 5 parts of a plant- root, bark, leaves, fruits and leaves.
The blood of a snake and female buffalo.

This mixture is kept in a Thali and slowly burnt in the evening [at dusk time] like Dhoop, so that the smoke accumulates on the body and clothes of the practitioner.

The Vashikaran Tantra, says that any man or woman, who has eye contact with the practitioner, will comes under his strong Voodoo Vashikaran Spell of Attraction and act as per the instructions and commands of the practitioner.

2] This Vashikaran Experiment makes the use of plants, hence, it cannot be classified as a fearsome Vashikaran Experiment.

The ingredients, mentioned below have to be powdered and kept in a Thali and lit like Dhoop and the smoke directed against the body and clothes of the practitioner as is the above Vashikaran Experiment.

Kakda Singi [crab’s claw plant]
Vacha [sweet flag plant]
Kut or Koot [Saussurea costus]

The Vashikaran Tantra says that any person making eye-contact with the practitioner will become spellbound and enchanted with the practitioner and conduct himself according to the desires of the practitioner.

Note- Even though, these Vashikaran Experiments are mentioned in old and authentic texts on Vashikaran Vidya, this site is not in a position to certify, the sure shot success of these Vashikaran Experiments. 


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