15 Ka Yantra for Shatru Uchchatan

In this post, I have described the preparation method of a very exceptional and unheard of Dushman Uchchatan Yantra Prayog, which is performed using a Pandrah Ka Yantra, a Chamgadar, a unique paste and an Uchchatan Mantra Chant.

This Dushman Uchchatan Yantra-Mantra Prayog, makes the use of a frightening and scary Tantra to uproot an enemy from his place of residence and transfer him in a direction that is determined by this Uchchatan Experiment.

The procedure followed by Indian Tantriks and Aghor Panth Sadhus to cast this dangerous revenge spell on their enemies is given below.

1] For Siddhi the Uchchatan Mantra given below should be chanted 10,000 times in all. The word “Amukam” is to be replaced with the name of the enemy who is the target of this Uchchatan Experiment. A Rudraksha Japa Mala is the preferred counting rosary.

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं [ अमुकं ] उच्चाटय वषट् ||
Om Hreem Shreem Kleem [Amukam] Uchchaatya Vashat ||

2] The Pandariya Yantra, shown in the diagram, should be drawn on the ground 108 times in all, using an iron writing instrument, including an iron nail or Lohe Ka Keel.

15 Ka Yantra for Shatru Uchchatan or Make Enemy Run Away
15 Ka Yantra for Shatru Uchchatan

3] Then, the Sadhak has to capture a Bat or Chamgadar in Hindi.

4] Then, the Sadhak has to prepare a paste of cuttlefish bone [Samudra Fena in Hindi}, Peepal Leaves, the feces of a monkey [Bandar Ki Vishta] and rock salt and use this paste to draw the Uccchatan Yantra and the Mantra on the wings of the bat.

5] Then, this bat has to be released. This Shatru Nashak Tantra says that the enemy will run away in the direction in which the bat has flown.

The Tantra further says that this Prayog will remove the enemy from the life of the Sadhak and stop him from carrying-on any kind of harmful schemes against the Sadhak and causing harm to the Sadhak.

Note- Siddhi Sadhana is performed during Grahan Kaal, Holi or any other suitable astrological date.


  1. पार्वती के पूछने पर शिवजी ने कहा -हे शिवे ,सम्पूर्ण यंत्र कीले हुए हैं ,परन्तु यह पंचदशी यंत्र
    कलियुग में प्रसिद्ध फलदायक है .यह देवताओं को भी दुर्लभ है .


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