Mantra Chanted in Archer Pose to Stop Enemy Movements

In this post, I have written about a Mantra, which is Chanted by the practitioner who has taken the pose of an archer who is about to shoot an arrow at a specific target. This Mantra is said to shut the mouth of enemies, including very powerful enemies and prevent them from causing physical, mental of material damage to the practitioner.

This Mantra is, needless to say, for those Sadhaks who have been practicing such fearsome Mantras and have knowledge about the Shatru Nivaran Tantra. They can also incorporate any other form of Puja-Vidhi or Tantra to utilize the specific vibratory frequencies of this Mantra to paralyze the malefic and dangerous activities of enemies and jealous competitors and rivals.

There is no specific Siddhi Sadhana Prayog for Mastering this Diya Shatru Nashak Astra Shastra Mantra. The Sadhak has to keep chanting the Mantra and memorize it perfectly by heart in order to be able to use its power to disable the movements of an enemy or a group of enemies.

Once, the Sadhak has memorized the Mantra and is able to recall it at will, he can use it on an actual enemy by taking the pose of an archer who is drawing the bow string with his right hand and aiming the arrow at the enemy and chant the Mantra given bellow just once with single-minded concentration and intensity.

ॐ धनु धनु महाधनु महाधनु सर्वधनु धीरी पद्मावती सर्वदुष्ट निर्दल स्तंभनीनि मोहनी सर्वा सुनामी राजाधि नामि आऊ बंधउ दृष्टी बंधउ मुख स्तंभउ ॐ किरि किरि स्वाहा ||
Om Dhanu Dhanu Mahadhanu Mahadhanu Sarvadhanu Dhiri Padmavati Sarvadusht Nirdal Stambhanini Mohani Sarvaa Sunaami Rajadhi Naami Aau Bandhau Drushti Bandhau Mukh Stambhau Om Kiri Kiri Swaha ||

The Mantra can also be utilized to immobilize the mouths of gossip mongers and defamers who are harming the interests of the Sadhak.

Note- The Mantra should not be used on innocent people or for trivial reasons or simple for the sake of using it, just to see what happens.


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