Remedies for Early Marriage of Son

Two effective Upay or paranormal remedies for enabling your son to get married to a good girl    from a decent background and to remove all obstacles, blockages and problems, which might be delaying the marriage of your son have been described by me in this post.

The paranormal remedies, which are called as Ladke Ki Shadi Ke Liye Upay in the Hindi language are simple and easy to perform. The second remedy can also be performed to remove the blockages that are causing a delay in the marriage of your daughter, but the first remedy is specifically for the marriage of your son.

Both these remedies given in this post are independent of one another and anyone or both of them can be practiced, depending upon your wishes.

1] Take 5 Jaiphal[nutmegs] and do an Utara of yourself, by rotating the Jaiphal around your own body 7 times in a clockwise manner.

Then, take the Jaiphal along with you to a Peepal[sacred fig] tree and offer them to the Peepal tree by placing them near the trunk of the tree.

Keep Somwar Vrat[Monday Fast] for 5 Mondays in a row by dedicating them to Lord Shiva and worship Shiva sincerely on these Fasting Days. Maintain Satvik behavior and do not criticize anyone and do not fight or get angry and think about material comforts or sex on these days.

Performing this Upay will enable your son to get a wife having good looks and an impeachable character and decent in-laws.

2] This Upay is for 5 days, on the first day ask your son to offer 11 Rupees and a fistful of sugar and a fistful of Atta[wheat flour] to holy river like Ganga or Yamuna or their tributaries and bathe in the water of that river.

Then, for the next 4 days, your son has to bathe in the water of the holy river.

This Upay will ensure that the proposed marriage ceremony of your son will be performed smoothly without any obstacles and problems and everyone will be happy and satisfied with the outcome of the marriage.

Notes- “you” in the context of this post means the father and mother of the son for whom these remedies are to be performed. It can also mean any relative or friend of the son.

These are stand-alone Shadi Ke Totke and hence, apart from what is mentioned in the post, there is no need for any other ritual of form of worship to be co-opted with them.

Many more simple and easy to perform Remedies, Upay, Totke, Mantras, Yantras and Tantras can be seen in the section on- Marriage Mantras and Remedies


  1. In the remedy for marriage of son, fasting on Monday should be for the entire day or fast should be broken after sunset?

    1. It should be like any other normal fast and broken after sunset.


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