Yantra for Fever which come Once a Day

This is a Yantra, which is given to a person to eat in order to cure him of the kind of fevers which come once a day or every alternate day. This types of fever are called in the Hindi language as Ektara and Visham Jwar. The procedure of making and using this fever curing healing charm has been described below by me in this post.

The Healing Yantra, which comprises of Om-ॐ  and the Beej – Hreem-ह्रीं and Kroum-क्रौं,  can be drawn at any time during the day or night or whenever it is needed to give relief to a person suffering from fever.

The simple procedure given below should be followed to make this Yantra work.

1] The Yantra should be drawn with wet Haldi Paste[moistened paste of turmeric powder] on a Betel leaf [Paan in Hindi] as shown in the image.

Yantra for Fever which come Once a Day

2] Then a simple energizing procedure of the Yantra is performed  by invoking the Ishta Devta or the Favored Deity of the practitioner and requesting that Deity to cure the sufferer and give him relief from Fever.

3] Then, the Betel Leaf is given to the patient to eat.


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