Remedy for Students who have Lost Interest in Studies

The Upay or Paranormal Remedy, described by me in this post is specially for those students who have lost or loose interest in studies or are suffering from tension caused by the approaching examination. The remedy is very simple, uncomplicated and easy to practice and at the same time, it is effective and beneficial for these students.

“Padhai Me Man Nahi Lag Raha Hai” or “Exams Ka Tension Hai, Dar Lag Raha Hai” this are common phrases one gets to hear from students of all ages, whether in school or college.

This condition of a large section of the community of students all over the world is mainly due to the pressure of coping with extensive curriculum and at the same time from ever increasing competition.

This Upay should be practiced in the morning or evening, by these students in a calm and composed state of mind.

The student should take care that he is not disturbed by anyone or distracted by anything while practicing the remedy.

The remedy- 1] Sit down comfortably on a sitting mat and keep a Diya of Pure Ghee in-front of you.

2] Keep gazing at the Jyoti or flame of the Diya and meditate upon Om-ॐ.

3]Think of nothing else and do not bother about anything, including your breathing. Let the breath flow naturally on its own.

4] Try to perform this Totka for about 30 minutes.

This remedy will prove to be most beneficial and fruitful if it is practiced for 40 days and the full results of the remedy will be visible after 40 days.

The remedy will also be beneficial for those people who have lost interest in their married and domestic lives, job or business or those people who are suffering from depression or anxiety.

Note- This remedy is a form of Tratak, which incorporates the most powerful vibrations of primordial sound of creation – Om.


  1. Sir,can the time duration for gazing at diya be short,I mean is 15 minutes enough.


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