Mantra for Lifelong Freedom From Malefic Planets

Some years back, I had written about a most powerful Mantra to remove planetary ill-effects or Graha Pida Nivaran. In this post, I have described a special Tantra using the same Mantra to not only get life long relief from planetary ill-effect, but also remove bad luck, poverty and money shortage and Paap Mukti [freedom from sins committed in the past].

The Siddhi Sadhana for Mastering the Mantra, remains the same as given in that post, which can be seen here – Planetary ill-Effects Removal Mantra.

The only variation is the addition of the addition of the word Amukasya-अमुकस्य in the Mantra, which has to be replaced with the name of the chanter of the Mantra.

ॐ नमो भास्कराय [ अमुकस्य  ]सर्व ग्रहाणां पीड़ा नाशनं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा || 
Om Namo Bhaaskaraaya [Amykasya] Sarva Grahaanaam Peeda Naashanam Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

2] All the ingredients given below should be place in a Matka[clay pot] and the clay pot should be covered with piece of cloth, which is tied with a thread around the mouth of the Matka.

Madar Ka Jad [root of the Calotropis gigantea or the Crown Flower Tree]
Latex of Red Chaff] and Thorn Apple Plants [Datura Aur Aapmarga Ka Doodh]
Pieces of the roots of the Sacred Fig and Banyan Trees[Peepal Aur Badgad Ke Ped ke Jad]
Leaves of the Mango, Cluster Fig and Acacia ferruginea Trees [Aam, Gular Aur Shami Ke Ped Ke Patte].
Ghee, Milk, Rice Grains, Sabut Chana, Sabut Moong, Til, Wheat Grains, Honey and Mattha, Mattha is a common liquid drink, which is prepared using Milk-Curd-Spices.

3] The practitioner should place the Matka before him and chant the Navgraha Graha Pida Nivaran Mantra 108 times, using a Rudraksha Japa Mala for infusing the Matka and it contents with the force and power of the Mantra.

4] Then, the Matka should be buried near the trunk of the Sacred Fig Tree.

This concludes this Graha Pida Nivaran Mantra Upay and gives relief to the practitioner in the thing mentioned above in this post by me.

Note- This is a tried and tested Astrological Mantra Remedy to remove planetary ill-effects, the special Tantra given in this post makes the same Mantra more powerful, beneficial and effective in giving full life relief to the person suffering Graha Peeda and it numerous side effects.


  1. Sir I have consulted a very learned astrologer and he says that not only planets, but even stars and constellations too affect a person's life. Because there are only 9 planets, but zillions of starts and constellations.

  2. Sir, what colour cloth have to use.

    I have to use whole thorn apple tree?

    Is any particular time to do it?


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