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The Panchakshari Maha Beej Mantra for Everything

In this post, I have described a most powerful Panchakshari Beej Mantra or a Mantra, which is combination of 5 stand-alone Beej Mantras, each of them being a most powerful Mantra. Hence, the combination of 5 Beej Mantras, amounts to a Great of Maha Beej Mantra that removes every kind of sorrow and problem and replaces it with all kinds of prosperity, peace, happiness and satisfaction.

In the Hindi langauge, this Mantra is called as Sarv Dukho Ka Uchchatan Aur Sarva Sukh Dene Wala Maha Mantra, meaning a Great Mantra to remove all sorrows and give all kinds of happiness.

The Maha Beej Mantra and a brief description of the powers generated by this Mantra is given below.

Om Dheem Shreem Hreem Kleem ||
ॐ धीं श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ||

1] Om – ॐ is the letter, which is Shakshat Shiv-Swaroop. Most Mantra are incomplete without Om. Om is the indestructible Brahma.

2] Dheem धीं is the Beej Mantra, which is Vaagdevi or Sawaswati Swaroop. It is associated with the Goddess Ushas, the most powerful Goddess of the ancient Vedas who breathes life into the lifeless. It is also the seed that leads to the omniscient intelligence that lies inside each being.

3] Shreem श्रीं is the Beej of Mahalakshmi, which gives auspiciousness and shows the right moral or ethical path to all beings. It is the seed of abundance and joy.

4] Hreem ह्रीं is the Beej of Shakti. It is also Vishnu-Swaroop, the one that maintains, protects and nourishes the entire Universe.

5] Kleem क्लीं is the Beej Mantra of Love and Pleasure. It is also Rudravatrar, Shri Veer Bhadra Avatar of Shiva Swaroop. It stands for the Great Commander, the Kaal of the Mahakaal, the punisher of evil, the one that free one from ghosts, demons and other deadly entities.

The Mantra Siddhi Sadhana procedure is as follows:
The Sadhana to get Siddhi over the Mantra is stiff and long term, it would last from an a minimum of 1000 days for men and more for women, by excluding the days of the monthly cycle.

1] The Mantra Sadhana should be started on any auspicious Tithi, Shubh Muhurat or Yoga like Amrit Siddhi Yoga, Akshaya Tritiya or Guru Pushya Amrit Yoga or a festival like Maha Shivratri, Makar Sankranti, Maha Ekadashi, Vijaya Dashmi or Bali Pratipada,

2] The Sadhak has to start the Mantra Sadhana during the Brahma Muhurat and worship Ganesha and then install an image of Vishnu or Shiva and light Dhoop and Diya in front of the image and perform Shodashopachara Puja of Vishnu or Shiva.

3] Then, he should chant the Maha Beej Mantra for 1400 Mantra Chants, using a Rudraksha Counting Rosary.

Completing the Mantra Sadhana will remove all problems and obstacles and replace them with all kinds of joy and happiness.

1 Crore Mantra Chants will give Purna Siddhi over the Mantra to the Sadhak and he will be able to cure any illness or disease or remove any kind of Bhoot-Pret, no matter how powerful and dangerous by just taking water in his palm and chanting the Mantra 5 times and sprinkling the infused water on the affected person.

Apart from this he will also get psychic powers and extra extrasensory perception abilities.
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  1. Namaste NeelJi,

    Thanks for sharing this sadhna. Please mention reference of tantra/book/(verbal knowledge) from which you got this sadhna procedure.

    Har Har Mahadev

    1. The basic guidelines are derived from a old a old Sanskrit text.

  2. Is this mantra requires Guru Diksha

    1. इसमें दीक्षा लेने की आवश्यकता नहीं है .क्योंकि ये सात्विक और पवित्र बीजमंत्र हैं ,अत:मंत्रजाप साधना में शुचिता की आवश्यकता है . साधक ब्राह्म मुहूर्त में उठ कर शौचादि क्रिया से निवृत्त होकर शुद्ध वस्त्र धारण कर, पूजा गृह में आसन पर बैठकर अपने इष्टदेव और गुरु का स्मरण करे .गणेशजी की विधिवत पूजा करे .विष्णु शिव की षोडशोपचार (ध्यान आवाहन /आसन/पाद्य /अर्घ्य /आचमन /स्नान /वस्त्र /यज्ञोपवीत /गन्धाक्षत /पुष्प /धूप/दीप/नैवेद्य /ताम्बूल दक्षिणा जल आरती /मन्त्र पुष्पांजलि /प्रदक्षिणा नमस्कार )पूजन करे. संकल्प लेकर मंत्रजाप करे

  3. Namaste sir!
    Sir please tell when can I start this sadhana ASAP. Please give me an exact date as you said it has to be started on an auspicious day. I want to do this because I have been facing a lot of issues in my family and with my husband. I think it's all because our kundli's don't match. It's just 10 gunas Milan. I wish this sadhana will help me in this.

    1. Do akarshan mantra upaya on ur husband he will be cooperative to u
      Also vasant panchami navratri and holy are coming u can start on any of these

    2. गृहकलह और अशांति दूर करने के लिए सूर्य को अर्घ्य देकर आदित्यहृदयस्तोत्रम का कम से कम एक पाठ रोज करना चाहिए
      विपत्तिनाश और सुख सौभाग्य प्राप्ति के लिए हनुमानजी का यह मन्त्र अचूक है .मंगलवार से
      प्रारम्भ करके इस मन्त्र का प्रतिदिन १०८ बार जप करें और कम से कम सात मंगलवार तक
      अवश्य करें .इससे घर का पारस्परिक विग्रह मिटता है ,अनिष्ट निवारण होता है और कठिन कार्य भी आसानी से सफल होता है --"ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं नमो भगवते हनुमते मम कार्येषु ज्वल ज्वल प्रज्वल
      प्रज्वल असाध्यं साधय साधय मां रक्ष रक्ष सर्वदुष्टेभ्यो हुं फट स्वाहा " (एक प्राचीन पुस्तक से उद्धृत )

    3. Namaste sir!
      Thank-you so much for replying. Plz tell, being a female can I perform this Hanuman Ji sadhana ? And if yes, can this be done in the evening ? Dhanyawad !

    4. जी हाँ ,आप यह साधना कर सकती हैं ,साधना प्रातः सायं कभी भी की जा सकती है .

  4. Hi Guruji !!
    Can you post the sadhana method of the beej mantra OM HREEM NAMAH ?,
    After i read your post of this mantra early this year,i search the internet to know more about it, but there not a-lot of information about this mantra practice..most just write chant 3 lakh times for siddhi..
    Guruji can post a complete SADHANA and Prayog GUIDLINE and information of OM HREEM NAMAH, , the way you do in this post ? 3 lakh for siddhi so how many chant for purucharan ?, how to use after gaining siddhi for wishfufilling,wealth health ucchatan , stambhan,, have previously post it for vasikaran...

    Thank you Guruji !!1

    1. Chant for 11 lakh times and its done its 10 lakh but 11 will be good and then no need to chant your innermost wishes will be fulfilled during the sadhna only

  5. Guru ji kiya aisa mantra hai jo jald siddh hokar mera durbhagya,shaap,bhoot pret,baaymat,ya koi buri shakti,evil thought on gods and goddess,aur sabhi prakar ke jatil se jatil maansik bimaari theek ho jaaye aur mujhe success dila de kyonki mai bahut bade sankat me hoo .I am facing all these from 12 years but I can't tolerate it more and feeling like that my death is near..

    Ya phir koi aisa mantra ya sadhna hai jisse bhagwan pratyaksh roop se darshan dekar mere saare jeevan ke chadhaya ko hata de sur mujhe success dila de

    1. आप कह रहे हैं कि १२ वर्ष से आप संकट झेल रहे हैं .इन १२ वर्षों में आपने किस देवी देवता की कौन सी आराधना की ,यह आपने नहीं बताया .अब आप चाहते हैं कि तुरत फुरत आप ऐसा मन्त्र जपें ,जो समस्त प्रकार के संकटों से मुक्ति दिला दे .मन्त्र साधना के लिए विश्वास,लगन ,धैर्य और पर्याप्त समय आवश्यक है .इस साइट में अनेक आपत्ति संकट दुःख मानसिक शारीरिक कष्ट से छुटकारा दिलाने वाले मन्त्र हैं ,उन्हें देखिये .श्रीसूक्त ,रामरक्षा स्तोत्र ,गजेन्द्रमोक्ष ,शिवताण्डवस्तोत्र ,दारिद्र्यदहन शिवस्तोत्र ,आदित्यहृदय आदि अनेक स्तोत्र हैं ,उनका पाठ कीजिये .ईश्वर कल्याण करेंगे .

    2. hello ashish
      if you want vashikaran mantra for girlfriend
      then prophet666 provide you the best mantra solution for you problem. Keep visiting here and follow the process

  6. Hi ,do you have information fir beej mantras of durga saptashi?Please give light on this ,I would like to also know which beej mantra is suitable fir me

  7. Can I chant more then 1400 times a day ??


    1. The procedure given in the post has to be followed for getting Siddhi over the Mantra.


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