Paranormal Remedy for Trouble By Recovery Agents

A paranormal remedy to end the trouble caused by recovery agents, professional goons or persons who are sent by the creditors to recover their money has been described by me in this post. It is known fact that such recovery agents, even those hired by banks or financial institutions cause a lot of trouble and harassment, including threats and even physical harm to the debtors.

The essential steps to be followed for practicing this paranormal remedy, which is called as Lendaaron Ke Goondon Se Bachne Ka Upay, in the Hindi language are given below.

1] On a Saturday, go to a temple and bring home some of the oil, which has been offered in the temple by other devotees. The temple can be of any God to whom oil is normally offered by devotees, like Shani Dev or Hanuman or any other God or Goddess.

2] Then, light a Diya, in your home using that same oil and say a prayer to that deity, in your own words, which can be something like this “Lord, I have taken loans and am unable to repay them, please come to my house and help me repay the loans and protect me from the recovery agents, sent by by my creditors”. This part of the Upay is known as the Nimantran or Invitation to the deity to come to you home and protect you from your creditors and their recovery agents.

3] Then, on the next Saturday, to the same temple, along with your husband or wife as the case may be or if you are unmarried, then, you can go to the temple alone. On this day, bring home more oil [sufficient for lighting Diyas on 5 Saturdays] from the temple and go back to your home and light a Diya with that oil. It is better to take the temple priest or any other concerned person in the temple into confidence because it is most likely that you will not be allowed to remove the oil from the temple premises.

4] Light, the Diya with the same oil, which you have brought home from the temple for the next 4 Saturdays.

This concludes the remedy for protection from recovery agents or goons working for your creditors.

Other simple and easy to practice Totke from the mystical Lal Kitab for becoming debt free can be seen here- Lal Kitab Upay for Removal of Financial Burdens.

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