Indian Voodoo Spell to Frighten an Enemy

A Tantric Totka to scare an enemy and make him run away without offering any kind of opposition or fight has been described by me in this post. Such Tantric remedies are normally given by Aghori Tantriks to their client who want some or the other Magical Voodoo Spell to remove enemies without actually fighting with them.

The Tantric, then gives his clients what he terms as a “Jadui Dawai” or magical medicine to make enemies frightened whenever they see them and run away without causing any kind of trouble.

The procedure of practicing this Tantric remedy, which is called in Hindi as Dushman Ko Bhaybhit Karke Bhaga Dena Ka Upay has been given below.

1] On any Tuesday or Sunday, the items mentioned below have to be collected-

A few strands of the hair of the feet of a black colored horse and a black colored goat.

4 feathers each of a black colored crow and a black colored Murga [rooster].

Then, all the above items have to be burned to ash and the ash has to be collected and mixed with water and stirred and then stored in a glass bottle.

4] Then, whenever one wants to put frighten an enemy, a Tilak of the mixture has to be applied upon the forehead and then come face to face with the enemy.

The Shatru Nivaran Tantra says that this will put fear and dread in the heart of the enemy and the enemy will run away without putting any resistance and never bother the practitioner.

Notes- This paranormal Indian experiment is part of the Aghor Panth Tantra for resolving any kinds of enemy related problems and is a specific kind of Shatru Uchchatan Prayog.


  1. guruji is it 4 featers from a crow and 4 frome a murga total 8 with
    and hair frome a black horse and goat. how you have to fire it can you
    do it wit match box or lighter


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