Revenge Spell to Disrupt Work of Enemies

A simple Shartu Nashak Tantra for spoiling and disrupting all the jobs, tasks or works of an enemy, competitor or rival has been described by me in this post. This simple Indian paranormal remedy can be practiced by any man or woman as a stand-alone enemy punishing revenge spell, which works according to reliable sources.

At the outset, it would be most appropriate to advise, that this revenge spell should not be practiced just for fun or just to see what happens to an enemy when it is used because it could reverse back to the user of the spell and trouble him instead of the enemy.

The revenge spell can be used to take the revenge of any wrong, which has been done by the enemy on the practitioner or for the safety and protection of the practitioner and his family. It should be kept in mind that the success or failure of any Voodoo Spell primarily depends upon the intensity with which it is cast by the Spell-Caster. A Voodoo Spell cast  without any feeling, emotions or intensity will not work, it will be just a mechanical exercise and nothing else.

The revenge spell as mentioned above is a stand-alone revenge spell, which does not need any other ritual or the chanting of any Dushman Nashak Mantra or Stotra.

During the period of the Purva Nakshatra[the constellation Delta Leonis in English] falling on a Friday as per the Hindu Lunar Panchang, the practitioner should procure 7 thorns of the Babool Tree and wrap each of them in Silk Threads [each of the 7 Silk Threads has to be of a different color].

Then, the 7 thorns have to be either secretly hidden in the house of the enemy or buried in the compound/ courtyard of his house.

The Tantra says that performing this remedy will bring in-auspiciousness [Panoti] into everything that is done by the enemy and put unnecessary hurdles and obstacles in everything done by the enemy.

Note- For numerous Indian Paranormal Remedies and Voodoo Spell for punishing an enemy, please visit the section on- Enemy Mantra-Tantra-Yantra


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