Mantras for Healing and Increasing Life Span

This is a very simple Sarva Rog Nashak or all diseases removing Mantra Chant that is composed of just 6 Beej Aksharas and hence it is very simple and easy to practice for anyone, including lay-person in order to get relief from any specific disease or ailment or for the general purpose of being fit and healthy.

It is a Siddha Mantra Chant and hence there is no need to gain Siddhi over the Mantra.

The Vidhi of practicing the Mantra Chant is given below.

1] It can be practiced at any time of the day or night.

Mantras for Healing and Increasing Life or Longevity

2] The practitioner has to take some Cow Ghee [about a teaspoon] and infuse it with the power of the Beej Mantra given below, by keeping it before himself and chanting the Beej Mantra 108 times.

ॐ सः सः सः हं सः ||
Om Sah Sah Sah Ham Sah ||

3] Then, this Cow Ghee should be given to the sick person to eat, the practitioner can also try this Healing Remedy on himself by following the same procedure.

4] This Healing Mantra Remedy should be practiced for 3 consecutive days for it to take full effect.

Mantra to increase life span or longevity by 6 months

The procedure of practicing this Mantra Prayog is very simple and easy, the Mantra given below should be chanted three times daily, in the morning, afternoon and evening for increasing the life span by 6 months.

Om Namo Dharmarajaya Mrityu Sthane Shubham Karaya Kak Rupiyen Thah Thah Swaha ||

This is also a Siddh Mantra because the procedure of gaining Siddhi over the Mantra has not been given in the Jain Tantra.

The Hindi version of this Mantra Chant and the procedure of practicing this Mantra is already explained by Shri Saatyanidhi is a comment in this post  - Mantra to get questions answered in dreams by Yaksha

Notes- The First Healing Mantra is based upon Jain Mantra Shastra and has been published only to give information about ancient Indian Healing Practices. If any person wishes to practice these remedies he can do so along with his on-going medical treatment.

See the sections on Healing Mantras, Health Yantras and Charms and Paranormal Healing Remedies for more options.


  1. Both the mantras given in the post are from Jain Tantra Shastra. A curative Mantra of Jain Tantra is as follows -
    om hraam kleem hum kleem haam hum kleem haskleem kleem thah thah
    ॐ ह्रां क्लीं हुं क्लीं हां हुं क्लीं हसक्लीं क्लीं ठः ठः ।
    - By chanting 3000 at evening time every day for 48 days, it destroys all diseases. By giving medicines chanting the mantra protects the unhappy man from all diseases.

    1. Sir, is there any specific mala, aasan & direction is required for this mantra chanting? Will this mantra cure impossible to cure diseases also?

  2. The healing mantra should be chanted just for 3 days only?? or daily??

  3. Neel sir..I just came across this article and good health is what practically every one needs.
    Sir can we chant om sah sah sah ham sah and consume the ghee upon which the mantra is chanted,like once a week,through out ones life span..
    can we do so sir,for a healthier body


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