Vashikaran By Throwing Flowers in Front of Desired Lover

In this post, I have written about a Vashikaran Mantra to attract any desired man or lady by throwing flowers in front of them. This Phoolon Se Vashikaran Karne Ka Mantra is simpler and easier to practice than the earlier Vashikaran Mantras given by me using the same technique.

Even though, this Vashikaran Mantra, which is from the Jain Mantra Shastra is specially meant for women who wish to seduce and control a desired man, in my opinion it can also be used by men to enchant a desired woman.

This is a said Vashikaran Mantra and it does not need to be Siddh before using it for casting a seduction love spell of your chosen lover.

Phool Se Vashikaran Karne Ka Mantra

The Vashikaran Prayog can be practiced on any day by following the Vashikaran Vidhi given below.

1] Take a few fresh Flowers of the Lal Kaner Tree, which is called Red Oleander Tree in English and keep these flower before yourself and then chant the Vashikaran Mantra given below 108 times in order to infuse the Lal Kaner Ke Phool with the vibrations of the Vashikaran Mantra.

ॐ चले चलचित्त मांतगिरेतो मुंच मुंच स्वाहा ||
Om Chale Chalachitt Maantagireto Munch Munch Swaha ||

2] Then, throw these Vashikaran Mantra Abhimantrit Flowers in-front of the desired man or woman.

3] This Vashikaran Prayog is said to captivate and bind the targeted person under the strong Voodoo Love Spell of the practitioner.

Notes- This Vashikaran Mantra is a slight variation of another Vashikaran Mantra described by me which uses almost the same wordings. That Vashikaran Mantra can be seen here – Vashikaran By Given Chocolate to Desired Lover

These Vashikaran Mantras are only published by giving knowledge about Indian Paranormal Practices. If anyone wishes to practice these Mantras they should keep realistic expectations and exercise extreme caution because using such methods for unrealistic purposes could land the practitioner in serious trouble.

See the sections of Vashikaran Mantras and Tantra, Vashikaran Totke and Remedies, Vashikaran Yantras and Charms for information about all kinds of Voodoo and Occult Attraction Spells.


  1. Lawan Mantra Vidhanam -----Do you know SALT?Loon,,Namakलूण,नमक in Hindi.and Lawan  लवण in Sanskrit. O Lawan,your heart is  pungent and sharp .Earth is your mother  and father is Varuna..Burnt by Lawan ,there is no sleep,there is no love (रति ).Lawan cooks,gets cooked ,digests,gets digested.. O Lawan,burn her/his body, burn flesh and skin. Burn the bone and the marrow. If she/he lives in a city miles away or hundreds of rivers away or in a city surrounded by iron walls and hundreds of black snakes. Burning by your glow,bring her/him here .The following is the Lawan mantra..Sitting in your place of worship ,put some salt in a plate before you and chant this mantra..The tantra has not mentioned the number of jap ,chant it 21/51 or 108 times daily .Replace "amukasya ""with her/his name .
    Lawanaambhasi teekshnosi ugrosi hridayam tavLawanasya prithvee maataa ,lawanasya varunah pitaa .1.Lawane dahyamaane tu kuto nidraa kuto ratih .Lawanam pachati paachayati ,lawanam chhindati bhindati .2."amukasya" dah gaatraani dah maansam dah twacham  Dah twagasthi majjaani hyasthibhyo majjikaam dah ..3.Yadi vasati yojanshate nadeenaam vaa shataantare Nagare loh praakaare krishna sarp shataargale .4.tam dagdhwaa namayet sheeghrmagre lawantejasaa atrev vashmaayaati lonmantra puraskritam .5.yaa raatri shalya vid-dhasya shoolaagraa-ropitasya chaYaa te raatrirmahaaraatrih saa te raatrir-mahaanishaa .6.लवणाम्भसि तीक्ष्णोसि उग्रोसि हृदयँ तव ,लवणस्य पृथिवी माता लवणस्य वरुणः पिता ।
      लवणे दह्यमाने तु कुतो निद्रा कुतो रतिः ,लवणं पचति पाचयति लवणं छिन्दति भिन्दति  ।
      "अमुकस्य "दह गात्राणि दह मांसं दह त्वचं ,दह त्वगस्थि मज्जानि ह्यस्थिभ्यो मज्जिकां दह  ।
      यदि वसति योजनशते नदीनां वा शतान्तरे ,नगरे लोह प्राकारे कृष्णसर्प शतार्गले  ।
      तं दग्ध्वा नमयेत शीघ्रमग्रे लवण तेजसा ,अत्रेव वशमायाति लोण मन्त्र पुरस्कृतम  ।
      या रात्रि शल्य विद्धस्य शूलाग्रा रोपितस्य च ,या ते रात्रिर्महारात्रिः सा ते रात्रिर्महानिशा  ।।


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