Pandrah Ka Yantra for Lakshmi Prapti

In this post, I have written about two effective Pandrah Ka Yantra Prayog for Lakshmi Prapti and Manokamna Purti,  which means getting the blessings of the Goddess of Wealth for attracting all kinds of materiel wealth, luxuries and money for business or personal use and for desire or wish fulfillment.

Pandrah Ka Yantra Prayog for Lakshmi Kripa and Daridra Nivaran 

1] The Yantra shown in the image should be prepared 1000 times on pieces of white colored paper.

Pandrah Ka Yantra for Money and Wish Fulfilment

2] The practitioner should use a small stick taken from the Jad or root of a Peepal Tree as the pen. This tip of this small stick can be sharpened so as to make it pointed.

3] The ink can be prepared by adding a few drops of water to either Kesar or Ashtagandha. This means any one of these two substances and not a mixture of both these substances.

4] Then, these 1000 Yantras should be kept near the feet of any idol or image of Lakshmi Mata.

The practitioner should light a Diya of Ghee and Dhoop and offer a Bhog of sweets, like Kheer, Ladoo or any similar Mithai and then worship Lakshmi Mata and pray for success in the Yantra Prayog.

Then, the next day all the 1000 Pandrah Ke Yantra can be kept in the Puja Place or any clean place in the house.

This Yantra Prayog can be staarted on any auspicious occasion or Shubh Muhurat, Shubh Tithi, any Hindu festival or if that is not possible, then on a Friday.

The Yantra Prayog has to be started on the dates mentioned above, but, it must be completed as soon as possible by writing a fixed number of Pandrah Ke Yantra daily so that the 1000 Yantras are prepared in a few number of days.

This Pandrah Ka Yantra Sadhana for getting Lakshmi Kripa is said to be an effecctive Daridra Nivaran Upay or a remedy to remove poverty and shortages of money and resources.

Pandrah Ka Yantra Prayog for Desire and Wish Fulfillment 
1] Like, in the first Yantra Prayog, this Prayog should also be started on any auspicious occasion.

2] The writing instrument is the same as in the first Prayog.

3] The ink should be a mixture of Gomutra or Cow Urine, Gorochan and Kapur. These three items have to be taken in equal quantity and a few drops of water have to be added to make the paste.

4] As in the first Pandrah Ka Yantra Prayog, the practitioner has to sit down and write 1000 such Yantras on pieces of white colored paper.

5] These 1000 Pandrah Ka Yantra should be collectively worshiped by lighting Diya of Pure Ghee and Dhoop before them and then they should be kept in a clean place or your cupboard.

This Pandrah Ka Yantra Prayog is said to be beneficial for desire or wish fulfillment.

Note- Both these Pandrah Ka Yantra Prayogas should be practiced in a silent place and the practitioner should take care that he is not disturbed when he is writing the Yantras. 


  1. नीलजी,पंद्रह के यन्त्र के बारे में आप पिछले कई पोस्ट्स में लाभदायक जानकारियां देते आये हैं .इस पोस्ट की जानकारी भी लक्ष्मी प्राप्ति के लिए उपयोगी है .इस यंत्र के बारे में तंत्र शास्त्र में लिखा गया है कि इससे इतनी बातें सिद्ध होती हैं -"बैरी प्रीत करे ,वशीकरण होय .शरीर का कष्ट दूर होय ,स्त्री का कष्ट निवारण होय,गई वस्तु मिले ,विदेश गयो होय सो आय मिले ,रोगी नीको होय ,चोरी मिले ,बंधुआ छूटे,मसान भूमि में गड़े ." कार्य के संकल्प की गिनती भी हर कार्य के लिए अलग है ,तदनुसार उतनी संख्या में यंत्र लिखने का प्रावधान है .यंत्र से सम्बंधित मन्त्र भी है --"ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं चामुंडादेवीं स्वाहा "


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