Advaita and the Hollywood Movie Lucy

A few days back, I saw a Hollywood Movie on TV called “Lucy”, which it appears has been heavily influenced by the Hindu Philosophy of “Advaita” that advocates that the Soul has no individual existence of its own and is a part of the Over-self or God.

The Soul starts evolving after every birth and finally reaches the state in which the difference between it and the Over-self ceases and it finally merges with the Over-self.

In this movie, this process is rapidly accelerated when the principal character of the movie is injected with an experimental drug, which really works on her brain and it starts evolving at a tremendous pace until she finally merges with the Over-self.

Adi Shankara’s Soul left his body when he was 32 years old, Sant Dnyaneshwar was only 21 when to took Samadhi. The evolution of their Soul had reached the last stages and finally they merged with the Over-self.

A deeper study of Kundalini Yoga will tell you that everything you do or aspire to do or experience or wish to experience is the working of Shakti, inside you. When you experience something, it is not you but the Shakti inside you that is experiencing the experience.

To experience the real nature of Shakti in all her glory, you have to meditate upon her with single minded sincerity, dedication and devotion.

In the Soundarya Lahari, Adi Shankara described the Shakti or the Divine Goddess in her real form, which is why this composition is named as the The Soundarya Lahari or Waves of Beauty.

Non-Dualism Image Artwork

“Beauty” in the context of this composition does not only mean physical beauty but the indescribable beauty that cannot be described by the senses. This is why most Sadhaks who come somewhat near experiencing the nature of Shakti fail to describe her properly because Shakti cannot be described.

I have specifically mentioned “somewhat near” because no one is capable of experiencing the full or true nature of Shakti. What the most realized Yogis have experienced is one a minuscule fragment of Shakti.

This as per the experiences of Sadhaks who have opened all the 7 Chakras, occurs because in this state because the difference between the Meditation and the Object of Meditation ceases to exist and they become one and the same.

This state is also known as “Advaita” or the Non-Dual State of Existence, in which the Atma temporarily merges with the Parmatma.


  1. Yes. I too felt the same when I saw the movie Lucy for the first time.

    Similar to the Matrix, a lot of Hollywood movies are now based on Vedantic principles.

  2. Why did you say temporary at The last?


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