Yantra Prayog for Blessings of Kali Mata

In this post, I have described a devotional Yantra Prayog for getting the blessings of the Divine Mother Kali Mata. This Yantra Prayog can be useful to the sincere and dedicated Bhakts of Kali Mata, who want to come close to their Ishta Devta.

This Yantra Prayog is suitable to those devotees of Kali Mata who want to worship her selflessly without any ulterior motive or for the purpose of seeking any favor or boon from her.

Most Powerful Devotional Yantra for Grace and Blessings of Kali Mata

The Sadhak can start this Yantra Prayog on any auspicious Tithi, Shubh Muhurat, Yog or on a Friday.

1] The Yantra Prayog has to be performed under a Kaner Tree.

2] The Sadhak has to sit down and write a total of 125,000 Yantra, like the example Yantra shown in the image. The Yantra should be written on white paper with black colored ink.

3] This number can be divided into a fixed number of Yantra per day.

The Tantra has not prescribed any special ritual or Puja of Kali Mata along with the Yantra Prayog.

However, the devotee can worship Kali Mata as per the usual procedures practiced by him to worship the Goddess.

The completed Yantra can be kept in a clean place in the house of the Sadhak.

Notes- When the devotee gets the blessings of Kali Mata, he will never have to strive for anything, all his needs will be taken care of, he will get divine protections and will experience extreme peace and happiness.

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