Reprogram your Brain During COVID-19 Lockdown

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic has confined most people in their homes due to Lockdowns and Curfews, this forced confinement can prove to be a boon for spiritualists who wish to reprogram their brain and sub-consciousness.

The world will now be looked at as Before Coronavirus and After Coronavirus because of the forced confinement and we still do not know when this will end or if it will lead to other more dangerous sequences of events, like World War-3 or even deadlier and dangerous viruses.

Even though, some people advocate the use of technology for reprogramming the mind, in my opinion, anyone having some idea of the working of the brain would be able to change his sub-consciousness easily and without the use of technology.

Reprogram your Mind During COVID-19 Lockdown

Points to Remember, while Reprogramming the Mind
1]  In some earlier posts, I had written about how the mind is fragmented and plays multiple roles simultaneously.  If you look at yourself, you will understand what I mean, you become a different person while interacting with different people. Thus, the brain has fragmented itself, like an actor into playing the roles of a son, father, student, teacher, employer, employee, husband, and many other roles.

2] You are not one but multiple people at the same time. However, there is a primary role played by most people, including Gurus and God-men who play the primary role of a Guru. Most people, even the most intelligent ones do not understand this. When someone asks a straightforward question, for example, questions about God, the Universe, or Existence, more often than not the Guru skillfully diverts or deflects the question by asking a counter-question and most of the spectators laugh without thinking as if they have heard some pearls of wisdom.

3] Some great thinkers and philosophers have said that when one stops thinking in fragments, the brain connects with the collective consciousness or even becomes a part of the collective consciousness.

How to Reprogram the Brain
1] A simple way to commence reprogramming your brain is to attempt to avoid thinking in fragments and visualize everything as it is or as a whole without trying to fit it into some or the other slot.

2] If you are practicing any kind of Mantra Meditation, then also using this method along with the Mantra Meditation will get you faster results. Like, mentioned in some earlier posts, ponder over these phrases “I live inside the thing and the thing lives inside me” and “the unknown will always remain the unknown when I know it, it becomes the known"

3] Positive thinking is equally important and the practitioner should try not to get affected by people having a negative and weak mindset who act as energy suckers or energy leeches who will attempt to suck or drain his energy.

4] Self Belief and the confidence that you can easily reprogram your brain is probably the most important point, if you possess this quality then success is just a step away.

If you have any ideas to reprogram the mind during the forced confinement of Coronavirus, you can share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Thank you for your positivity!, a respectful question, how was the sacred mantra Pashupatastra created? Thanks.


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