Why Astrologers Failed to Predict COVID-19

I have got a lot of mail, asking me why the Coronavirus Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns were not predicted by astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers, psychics, and other fortune-tellers and people who make future predictions.

I would add Gurus and God-men to the above list because even the most followed ones did not see what was just around the corner.

The only person who possibly predicted the Coronavirus Pandemic was Sylvia Celeste Browne an American Psychic in her book “End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies” In 2008, she had written that an illness similar to pneumonia will spread throughout the world, it will affect the lungs and bronchial tubes of a large section of the population of the world. She further predicted that this disease will resist all known treatments and disappear as quickly as it had appeared and re-appear again after 10 years.

Why Everyone Failed to Predict COVID-19

However, even though the Pandemic appeared suddenly, it has not vanished suddenly as predicted by Sylvia Browne and as of today it keeps growing every day with more than 5.2 Million infected people globally with over 330 thousand deaths.

We are still in the Dark and do not know when this is going to end. The world will now be known as “Before” and “After” the Pandemic.

However, the fact that Paranormal Futurologists and others failed to predict the Pandemic is a blessing in disguise and lesson for most people, including scientists and researchers because no one can accurately predict with certainty what he or she will wake up to the next morning.

In some earlier posts, I have mentioned that the future is dynamic and ever-changing, hence, it is very difficult to accurately predict anything with certainty.

The possible origin and reason for COVID-19
1] The COVID-19 Pandemic and some occurrences could have originated from a level of consciousness, which is higher or deeper than the collective consciousness, which many Sadhaks, Yogis, Gurus, and God-men are connected with.

2] Very few people realize that food grains, vegetables, fruits, spices, and even food items, like milk, tea and coffee are adulterated and affect and kill more people than viruses, like COVID-19. The widespread destruction of crops and food grains due to unnatural rains, famines, and other acts of nature is a possible warning to a section of humans to stop poisoning and killing other humans.

3] Acts of Nature, like the Pandemic and Natural Disasters are triggers in the evolution cycle of mankind and higher levels of consciousness are working to modify the DNA Structure of man and take him to higher levels.

4] The toxic atmosphere on the earth, due to viruses, wars, and natural disasters are meant to encourage scientifically advanced sections of society to do serious research on settlements in outer space.

COVID-19 and the possible Future of the World
1] Large scale wars, including wars with the widespread use of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. This could lead to the much expected and awaited World War-3.

2] Natural Disasters, including the much predicted Great Earthquake / Tsunami / Volcanic Eruption / Comet Strike that will change the structure of the earth and drown many great civilizations. This Prediction appears in the Bible Prophecies and the Prophecies of Nostradamus.

3] The Great Famine, predicted in many prophecies, including ancient ones, which will wipe out a section of the population of the earth. The predictions about the famine and toxic atmosphere on earth go hand in hand. The toxic atmosphere, includes viruses, biological and chemical contamination.

Note- See the sections on Prophecies and Predictions for more Prophecies, including the Prophecies of Nostradamus, Bible Prophecies, and the Prophecies about Kalki Avatar.


  1. Dear Sir,
    This was predicted by young astro child of 14 years of old on his Youtube channel Conscience in the month of August 2019.

  2. Hari Om,
    In a famous Kannada News Channel Sri. Sachidananda Babu very well known astrologer predicted around way before that new virus will (COVID) surface and the beauty is he mentioned natural disasters in Australia, USA !!

  3. Phalaani graha chaarena soochayanthi maneeshinah
    Ko vakthaa thaaratamyasya
    Tam ekam vedhasam vinaa ||

    The learned including astrolegers can indicate in a way of the events ( through planetary movements) but the cerainity can only be predicted by none other than the Brahma.

  4. I predicted it using the Iching posted it on my face book page in January


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