Coronavirus Prophecies and Hindu Cosmology

A few days back, on 3rd April, I had written an article about the Coronavirus Pandemic and the End-Times Famine Prophecies. The death toll at that time due to COVID-19 was about 50,000 now at the time of writing this article it has doubled and crossed the 100, 000 mark and we still do know when it will end.

Why no Futurologist was able to predict the COVID-19 Pandemic
Readers should keep in mind that the Lockdowns and emergencies that are an off-shoot of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the inevitable economic tsunami that will follow were not predicted by any Guru, Psychic, Astrologer or any other person claiming to possess any kind of Powers of Extrasensory perception.

Coronavirus Prophecies and Hindu Time Cycles

This is the biggest crisis faced by the world since World War – 2 and not having predicted, foreseen or visualized it puts a very big question mark on the paranormal powers of these “Divine Persons”.

It also suggests that this event is part of a larger design that transcends the collective consciousness which some of these spiritually advanced people are tuned to or can connect to at will.

This also adds credence to the theory of multiple or infinite layers of consciousness.

Coronavirus Pandemic as per Hindu Cosmology
Epidemics, like wars, natural disasters, diseases, famines and other forms of destruction of life and property are a part and parcel of Hindu Cosmology which automatically rectifies any imbalance in the 3 basic powers that are present in each and everything in Creation. The sum total of these 3 basic powers is Existence and for Existence to exist properly the balance between these 3 forces has to be maintained at all times.

Very few people, do not understand the real meaning and purpose of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva or Creation, Preservation and Destruction or Satvic, Rajsik and Tamsic Gunas.

Kaliyuga or the Age of Darkness is the Last of 4 Time Cycles as per Hindu Cosmology - Satya, Treta, Dwapar, and Kali Yuga. In the Satya Yuga, the percentage of good or positive energies is 100%, in the Treta Yuga it is 75%, in the Dwapar Yuga it is 50% and in the Kali Yuga, it is 25%. This Time-Cycle of the 4 Yugas keeps on repeating.

Hence, in the present Age of Darkness or Kali Yuga, the percentage of evil or negative frequencies is 75% and this is the critical level and if negative energies start breaching that mark, there is friction between the 3 forces of Creation as the imbalance starts getting rectified and this causes large scale death and destruction of property. This was explained in past articles on Indian Prophecies and why the world would not end anywhere in the recent future.

Most people are now getting used to a new kind of lifestyle post-COVID-19, which was unimaginable just a few months back. This period of the Kaliyuga is very fluid and turbulent and you do not know what you will wake up to the next morning. It could be a huge nuclear explosion in the “north” as predicted in some Prophecies of Nostradamus or a Global Earthquake or Tsunami as predicted in some other Quatrains.

Note- See the section on Prophecies and Predictions for more interesting and realistic Future Predictions.


  1. Kali Yug is the reason why the 2 World Wars took place. Partition also took place in Kaliyug only.
    Will there be a World War 3?
    For example, US,Russia and China as the dominant nuclear powers?
    Is World War 3 predicted by Nosteadamus in his prophecies?

    1. Yes, it is predicted, you can see the section on Nostradamus World War 3

  2. The third world war start soon

  3. Sir in all situations its the innocent people that perish while corrupt politicians and leaders and religious clerics and organizations that does politics using the name of religion and corporates and their directors and ceos who would not hesitate to rape nature for their profits and banks that would drain a simple mans life while letting go of the rich and armies that would not hesitate to mutilate and kill innocent victims like what happened to the tamilans in sri lanka and worst so called buddhist monks supported the armies killing and rape and mutilations.all this and more are the kinds of people who are not affected by these wars or famine or in reality i think there is no actual balance and from what i see and know,even nature is so biased and it only effects harmless people or the innocent while the bad master minds and their cronies and gangs always remain safe from all these calamities.neel sir i had also observed these things that i want to tell u.we have many devas and devis who would often punish hindus who pray to them by possesing them and seeking or asking for grand foods so to say but these same devas and devis dont even dare to do anything to a muslim or a christian who desecrates their temples or their statues or anything associated with these devas and devis.again after a few years these devas and devis and even gods would instruct a new generation of hindus to open up the demolished temples,demolished by muslims or it tells me that only the innocent becomes the victims.there is this real story of a siva temple that is hundreds of years old and which was considered sacred and powerful even at the time when muslims came to bharat and when this temple was destroyed by the muslims the sivan in it did not do any harm to the muslims.the irony is after 2 generations had passed siva came in the dreams of hindus asking the temple to be erected and the hindus did question is why did siva allow the muslims to get away with the destruction of the temple and then later order hindus to build a temple for really tells me that even gods would target only the innocent.i have seen and heard many of this kind of things involving our gods and devas and devis.i have seen the doings of this gods and devas and devis in the life of individuals or families.i would narrate you one neel sir that i have seen.the father who is a hindu and who is also someone who is full of bad egos and thinks that he is right all the what happened was that a few years back he demolished a ant hill that snakes had taken refuge in even after the wife pleaded with him not to destroy it.after this the youngest daughter who was only like 15 was taken over by this snake devi and insisted that she would remain in the daughters body.when asked as to why she targetted the daughter instead of the father,it kept saying that its how the devi does things.i beleive that this devi was not able to do anything to the father because the father is basically a hard headed man and so this devi or devas or even gods punish the innocents to show their as u had stated above neel sir,i really beleive that even gods and nature targets only the innocent while the bad be they in any form would always remain free of all problems,even one given out by nature or these devas or devis or gods or nature remains quite and empty when it comes to hard headed and murderous humans,for example muslims who had totally destroyed temples and killed hundreds of thousands of hindus during indias islamic rules.infact this killings of the hindus by muslims is seen as the greatest genocide in the history of human beings and where did all these so called gods and devas and devis went to during these genocides and to come back after a generation or two of hindus asking or ordering for temples to be built.thank you neel sir and the above are all my own views based on what i know and had seen and not meant to offend any ones religious sentiments or other sentiments and i am a hindu myself who prefers dying as a hindu.

    1. Ravi, my name is Johnson but my friends call me Johnny. I live outside of India. I am not a Hindu, but I identify with Hinduism (the Hindu religion). All my life, since my teen years, I have searched for a spiritual path that will support my inner yearnings for accelerated soul evolution. My insatiable thirst for knowledge and spiritual growth had brought me in contact with several western philosophical and mystical organizations and the fascinating teachings of Buddha etc. And lately, in the last five years, Hinduism and the Hindu pantheon.
      Based on my personal experience and comparison, I want to say emphatically that India’s philosophy is verse, comprehensive, and topnotch. And whose doctrines or teachings and practices, if honestly or sincerely followed, will lead any sincere seeker to God. Quite frankly, I urge all Indians to hold on to, cherish and be proud of the rich spiritual heritage they are blessed with and not allow any external influence to destroy or try to erode and modify it. I wish I were born a Hindu
      With the brief preceding background information, I am now ready to respond to the issues raised in your article. Please note, I am neither a guru nor a Siddha, merely a student on the path. First, I would like to respond to your concern about why the Gods and Goddesses (the Divine) allow perpetrators of evil to go “unpunished”. While your observation is correct, your imagined approach to handling the situation is purely from a human perspective. The Devi and Devas are divine beings – not humans. Unlike humans, Divinity does not act on impulsive nor temperament, but, instead, operates within the bounds of cosmic law of karma; which either rewards good deeds or punishes wrongdoing, here and now or later in the future incarnations. Details of the intricacies and workings of the law of karma is beyond the scope of this discussion. The role of the cosmic law of compensation can be summed up in the words of Buddha: “Seek not to retaliate or revenge evil or wrongdoing, rather, let karma take its course.” If you are familiar with the story of Jesus Christ in the Christian Bible, he allowed himself to be arrested, tortured, and crucified without fighting back. His disciples and his other followers were shocked and disappointed that a man with such tremendous spiritual powers allowed himself to be reduced to nothing and could not rebuke his adversaries. The same principle of tolerance prevents you from being punished instantly by your Devi or Deva for your minor or significant day to day transgressions.
      Finally, Ravi, I want you to know that karma is an aspect or instrument of Divinity, the divine justice system that rewards good deeds or punishes wrongdoings. It operates independently. It’s equivalent in our mundane world is the judicial organ of government. While the legislature or congress makes a law, the judiciary enforces the law, independently, without interference from the congress or executive organ of government. A crime committed against the president, a member of the executive arm, or against the speaker of the house of congress or the common man on the street is not punished instantly and directly by any of these, but rather by the judiciary. Now, you understand why neither Lord Vishnu or Shiva, Ganesh or Goddesses Lakshmi, Durga, Saraswati, Kali, etc. cannot respond the way you imagine but would, rather, as Buddha said, let the law of karma be invoked on the transgressors at the appropriate time as the cosmic deem fit.. lastly, do not forget that humans, unlike animals are endowed with the privilege of free-will to choose and act as they please, without interference from the divine entities. However, you will be responsible for your actions. I hope I addressed your concerns. Thank you.

  4. Mr. Modi will have to act tough and dismiss all the rouge elements that are in power and governing large parts of India.
    India at this time is loosing 34, 000 crores daily due to the lockdown and one still does not know when this is going to end.

  5. Dear Professor, with much respect for you and the people who wrote, I inform you that my respected guide Siddha, indicated to a friend and me in August / September 2019 that very hard times were coming. that it could have problems with the lack of money, that disasters would occur and that after all the incidents there would be only one dominant country.
    As far as possible I made strict food reserves and personal savings. buy food supplements for several months, buy a water filter and even paint to fix my house. All this would be impossible now because of its price and impossibility of receiving it from abroad.
    Today I am in quarantine, calm but amazed both by the certainty of my dear guide, and by everything that is happening everywhere.
    I don't live in India but my heart and reverence are there.
    Thank you and best wishes for your work and patience and prayer.
    (obviously I should not indicate who I am talking about)
    Om Namah Shivaya

  6. Pranaam Guruji. Predictions may come true or at times fall flat. Let us strive to uplift ourselves spiritually. Predictions or end of kaliyuga hardly matters for a devotee. I believe corona virus is a part of bio war that's already started..Entire Europe is simply devastated by the virus. Their claims of being advanced fell flat. Science is a failure to contain the virus. Science without Religion is always incomplete. Sanatana dharma is complete science.


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