Fulfill Wishes by talking these 12 Names of Hanuman

In this post, I have described a simple method of getting the full benefits of the Hanuman Dwadash Naam Stotra by chanting the 12 Magical and Most Powerful Names of Hanuman. This method is very suitable for those people who find it difficult to pronounce the wordings of the Stotra correctly.

Chanting the same 12 Names of Lord Hanuman contained in the Hanuman Dwadash Naam Stotra as stand-alone Mantras will also get the same benefits of chanting the Hanuman Dwadash Naam Stotra.

Chanting these 12 Names of Bajrang Bali will fulfill the wishes and desires of the practitioner and make him prosperous and happy and at the same time protect him from diseases, accidents, mishaps, enemies, black magic spells, and other dangers.

This Hanuman Mantra Prayog will also be effective in removing the ill-effects of malefic planetary transits, including those related to Shani and Mangal.

Fulfill any Desire by talking these 12 Names of Hanuman

This simple but most powerful and effective Hanuman Mantra Prayog is most relevant during these turbulent and difficult times of the Coronavirus Pandemic. People seeking a simple but very strong paranormal remedy to tide over this very difficult period can surely practice this Hanuman Mantra Prayog. The Mantra Prayog will be helpful for everyone, including Advanced Sadhaks.

The following steps can be followed in order to chant these 12 Names Hanuman Mantra.

1] All the 12 Names have to be chanted as a single Mantra in the morning, afternoon, and evenings. The practitioner can chant the Mantra as many times as he likes.

2] Even though, Saturday and Tuesdays are considered to be good days for starting any kind of worship of Hanuman, the practitioner can start this Mantra Sadhana on any day.

3] There is no need to practice any kind of special worship or ritual in order to practice the Mantra Sadhana. If a woman is practicing this Mantra Sadhana, she should stop it during her Monthly Cycle.

हनुमानजी के 12 नाम हिन्दी में
1] ॐ हनुमान ||
2] ॐ अंजनी सुत ||
3] ॐ वायु पुत्र ||
4] ॐ महाबल ||
5] ॐ रामेष्ठ ||
6] ॐ फाल्गुण सखा ||
7] ॐ पिंगाक्ष ||
8] ॐ अमित विक्रम ||
9] ॐ उदधिक्रमण ||
10] ॐ सीता शोक विनाशन ||
11] ॐ लक्ष्मण प्राण दाता ||
12] ॐ दशग्रीव दर्पहा ||

12 Names of Lord Hanuman in English
1] Om Hanuman ||
2] Om Anjani Sut ||
3] Om Vayu Putra ||
4] Om Mahabal ||
5] Om Ramesht ||
6] Om Falgun Sakha ||
7] Om Pingaksha ||
8] Om Amit Vikram ||
9] Om Udadhikraman ||
10] Om Sita Shok Vinashnan ||
11] Om Lakshman Pran Data ||
12] Om Dashgriv Darpaha ||

The Hanuman Dwadash Naam Stotra and the method of practicing it was given in an earlier post, which can be seen here – Miraculous Hanuman Dwadash Naam Stotram Prayog

Note- The Hindi language video of this article of the 12 Names of Hanuman can be seen here - Manokamna Purti Aur Raksha Hetu Ke Liye Hanumanji Ke 12 Naam Ka Jaap

Various Mantras, Yantras, Prayers and Remedies related to Lord Hanuman can be seen in the section on – Hanuman Mantras and Tantra


  1. आनंद रामायण में हनुमानजी की स्तुति इन बारह नामो से की गयी है --(१)हनुमान =हनु माने ठुड्डी । इंद्र के वज्र से जिनकी ठुड्डी टूट गई वे हनुमान (२)अंजनी सुनुः=अंजना देवी के पुत्र आंजनेय (३)वायु पुत्र =वायुदेव के मानस पुत्र
    (४)महा बलः=अत्यंत बलशाली ।अगस्त मुनि ने उनके बल को संसार में सर्वाधिक बड़ा माना है ।(५)रामष्ट=श्रीराम
    के अन्यतम प्रिय (६)फाल्गुन सखः=फाल्गुन याने अर्जुन । अर्जुन के सखा याने मित्र (७)पिंगाक्ष =पिंग याने लाल ।
    लालिमा युक्त आँखों वाले ।(८)अमित विक्रम =अत्यंत पराक्रमी (अ=नहीं /मित=कम)(९)उदधि क्रमण =समुद्र लांघने वाले (उदधि=समुद्र)।(१०)सीता शोक विनाशन =माता सीता को राम का सन्देश देकर उनके शोक का विनाश करने वाले (११)लक्ष्मण प्राणदाता =लक्ष्मण के लिए संजीवनी बूटी लाकर उनके प्राण बचाने वाले ।(१२)दशग्रीव दर्पहा =रावण (दशग्रीव)के घमंड (दर्प)को तोड़ने वाले ।(लंका दहन और रावणपुत्र अक्षय कुमार का वध कर के )।

    1. क्या इस प्रकार का कोई मंत्र है जो अवांछित वैवाहिक प्रस्तावों से बचाए। क्योंकि कुछ संबंधी बेमेल रिश्ते लेे आते हैं और दवाब बनाना शुरू करते हैं। विवाह करना ना करना किसी का भी निजी फैसला है किन्तु वे लोग जबरन अपने विचार थोपने का प्रयास करते हैं। कृपया कोई ऐसा मंत्र हो जिससे इन अवांछित वैवाहिक प्रस्तावों को रोका जा सके तो बड़ी कृपा होगी।

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  3. Pranaam Guruji. Thanks for good posting...Any prayer or mantra carries importance. The 12 names of Hanuman are the Aradhyas hidden in Hanuman. If someone chant 11 times then good health will be bestowed. Whatever Guruji mentioned in the post is correct.

  4. Thank you raman sampath for what you had stated in your comment.

  5. Neel sir..i really do hope that you can forgive me and also guide me with an answer..sir the above hanuman dwadasha naama stotra is for mainly for wishes and also for protection from evil and even bad grahas and for a better life.sir my question that needs guidance from you..before repeating the 12 names do we have to say out that we need protection from negative energies or from graha dosha or problems or is it enough to just repeat the 12 names and things would be looked after on its own with Hanuman's grace without us having to say it all out before or after chanting the 12 names of hanuman.sir please do forgive me and i am begging for an answer from you sir.thank you sir

    1. All you should do is what is described in the post, if there were any rules, I would have explained about them in the post.

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  7. Dear Neel sir.. Would it be okay if I say the 12 names without the Om.i am asking this as at times using Om causes or gives me a head ache. Please guide dear sir

  8. Neel sir. Please answer..would it be okay if I say the 12 names of Lord hanuman with out the Om's.i am a 56 year old woman living on my own as I was severely abused by my husband in many ways.i am asking this as using Om or even beejas like Kleem gives me real head aches. Please answer and guide sir.

    1. Om is essential, however, you can also meditate on these 12 names without Om, if you feel uncomfortable chanting by replacing Om with Shri.

  9. Thank you so much dear sir for guiding.

  10. Hi to readers of prophet666 site..what neel sir had stated in this article about the powers of Lord hanumans 12 names is indeed very true.thank you so much neel sir.

  11. Neel sir..I had used this 12 names of hanuman to get the amount of money that I wanted at that particular time and it worked.but I have a question Neel sir.in the article you had stated that the 12 names can be used to fulfill our wishes and desires which means our any desires or wishes and so sir,is it wrong that I used hanumans 12 names to ask for money and indeed got it.
    Like for information to the other readers of prophet666 site,I said hanumans 12 names whenever I remembered it,in a day and did so for like less then 2 months and got the expected money,through a way that I did not expect.
    So Neel sir,is it wrong to have such desires for money while saying or chanting the 12 names or it is okay to do so,for you had clearly stated in your article that it would fulfill all our needs and wishes.
    Actually Neel sir,I am feeling a bit guilty about using the 12 names of hanuman for money,but still i do know that everything that we have and everything that we want including sexual pleasures and the need of money,all takes place with the grace of god.nothing works or moves or happens without gods grace.
    So Neel sir,is it really okay to use hanumans 12 names to fulfill our needs and wishes,be it for money or other worldly things.
    Please do answer,Neel sir.PLEASE SIR.
    I do realize and know to some extent that if one feels guilty about a certain thing that one had done,then bad events responding to the guilt would crop up and if one does not feel guilty about things that one had done,then there won't be any such bad events arising or maybe it would be limited to small things that one can brush off.i am saying all these based on what I had seen and experienced,Neel sir.
    Sir,please answer and guide me and others too.

    1. There is nothing wrong in what you are doing nor is there any kind of Bad Karma or negativity involved.

  12. Neel sir..thank you a million times for answering.
    Further I do really hope and pray that you can and would forgive me,for and over my queries that I had often asked you.
    Again thank you so much sir.
    Your answer/guidance had given me much peace.

  13. Neel sir.please do forgive me.i have a doubt that needs guidance from you.i had actually been googling up since the last 2 months extensively in the hope that I can come across an answer to my question,so that I won't trouble you with my query sir but unfortunately I never found the answer and so I really need your guidance Neel sir..

    Sir,can this hanuman 12 names remove obstacles and problems that are stagnating us or hindering our progress in work or business or even other things we wish to do in life OR we have to specifically chant ganeshas mantras first to remove obstacles and problems that are there in all major things that we do in life before saying hanumans 12 names OR hanumans 12 names is good enough to remove obstacles and problems.

    Please do guide and answer Neel sir.

    1. These 12 Names are powerful enough for resolving any kind of problems and obstacles.

  14. Neel sir..thank you so much for the answer and guidance.
    Thank you again sir.

  15. Dear sir namaste,
    Hanuman Dwadash Naam Stotra prayog is said to be 108 times in your earlier post and this is advised to chant only 3 times - morning, afternoon and evening. So is this still equal to the Dwadash Naam Stotra prayog?
    Just a little bit confusing. Please clarify sir.
    Thank you.

    1. These are Naam Mantras, what is the link of the post you are speaking about,

    2. Namaste sir,
      Dwadash Naam Stotra prayog link is this: https://www.prophet666.com/2016/11/hanuman-dwadash-naam-stotram-prayog.html
      This suggests to chant the stotra 108 times following the procedure mentioned in the post. But this is Naam Mantras are suggested once in morning, afternoon and evening. You mentioned in the post that the benefits are the same. So just wanted to clarify.
      Grateful for your priceless guidance sir.

    3. Yes, you can chant any of the two, the one given in this post are Naam Mantras and if looking for a simple option you can chant them as mentioned in the post.

    4. Thank you sir. Your guidance has been a blessing for me. Gratitude.


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