Tantra to Start and Stop Rains

In this post, I have written about simple Tantric Experiments to start and stop rains. These are both independent Paranormal Experiments, which can also be practiced separately which is to make it rain and to stop rains.

However, it would be most appropriate to mention at the very outset that I have not witnessed anyone practice these paranormal experiments. Hence, the information given in this post is only for giving interesting information contained in Tantric Texts.

At the same time, it is possible that some Advanced Sadhaks or Yogis might have gained Siddhi over these Sadhanas by practicing some secret Siddhi Sadhana.

Tantric Experiments to Start and Stop Rains

Tantra to Make it Rain
The word “बे " has to be written 40 times on a piece of paper or a wooden board and then hung on a branch of a tree with a thread so that the paper or wooden board moves with the wind.

Tantra to Make it Stop Raining
The word “काफ " should be written 41 times on a piece of paper and the paper should be tied on a branch of any tree.

These are very simple and easy to practice Occult Spells that have been attributed with the powers of making it rain and stopping rains. But, as pointed out earlier in this post they are untested Tantrik Remedies and described in this post only for information purposes.

Anyone having more information about these Occult Spells can share their knowledge in the comments section so that other readers can benefit from the same.

Notes- A video in Hindi about a very simple paranormal remedy from profiting or earning money from any self-owned or ancestral property, like a shop, house, flat or land can be seen on our YouTube Channel - Flat, Ghar, Zameen Ya Dukan Se Labh Pane Ka Upay

 A Hanuman Mantra Prayog for the same purpose can be seen here - Hanuman Mantra to Start and Stop Rainfall


  1. Waise ek totka mai bhi janta hu parantu wo baarish rokne ka totka hai aur ye mere dwara khud ajmaya hua totka hai karna ye hai ki aapke ghar me jo sabse choti santan hai usko aapko ek keel dena hai aur use bolna hai ki wo keel apne mukhya dwar me hathode ke jariye usko thok ke gad de jab tak wo keel gadi rahegi tab tak baarish nhi hogi jaise hi wo gadi hui keel hata di jaaye toh baarish wapis suru ho jayegi kripya iss baat ka khayal rakhe iss totke ka prayog baad sambandhit ilaake me kare ya fir aisi parishthiti me kare jab baarish ki wajah se aam insaan ko nuksaan ho rha ho khali check karne ke liye bilkul na kare aisa karne par bhagwan mahadev aur aapki kuldevi dono ruth sakti hai aur aapko life me koi bhayanak tragedy bhi ho sakti hai

  2. इंद्रजाल की एक पुस्तक में मैंने वृष्टिकरण मन्त्र देखा है ,जो इस प्रकार है--
    मंत्र-ॐ बं । विधि--विनियोगः =अस्य मंत्रस्य प्रजापतिः ऋषिः ,त्रिष्टुप छन्दः ,वरुणो
    देवता एतद्राज्यमभिवाप्य सुवृष्टयार्थं जपे विनियोगः।
    फिर नीचे लिखा हुआ ध्यान पढ़ के वरुण का पूजन करके मूल मन्त्र का जप करे।
    अथध्यानम =ॐ पुष्करावर्त्तकै: मेघै:प्लावयन्ते वसुंधराम। विद्युत् गर्जित सन्नद्धो तोयात्मानं
    नमाम्यहं ।। नस्य कैशेषु जीमूतो नद्यः सर्वांग सन्धिषु। कुक्षौ समुदाश्चत्वार स्तस्मै तोयात्मने

  3. Satya Nidhi

    Excellent Contribution. Thanks.



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