Effective Beej Mantra for Ear Pain

A simple but very effective Beej Mantra combination from the Jain Tantra to get relief from ear pain or any other painful condition related to the ears has been given in this post.

Even though I have written about some other Healing Mantras to get relief from ear pain, I have still written about this Mantra because I feel that it can prove to be more helpful for people suffering from any kind of ear pain.

There is no Siddhi procedure for this Mantra and hence it can be utilized straight away by any person suffering from ear pain.

The Mantra, which is given below should be chanted for 5-10 minutes whenever the practitioner is suffering from ear pain.

Beej Mantra for Ear Pain

ॐ क्षां क्षं क्षं ||
Om Kshaam Ksham Ksham ||

The practitioner can do either Mansik or Vachik Jaap depending upon his physical and mental condition. Rules, like Disha, Aasan, Puja-Vidhi are not applicable for this Mantra because it is a standalone Beej Mantra.

However, if the practitioner is taking medicines or any other medical treatment for ear pain, then he should continue the treatment, This will make the treatment and medicines more effective.

A Hindi language video of this Healing Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel- Kaan Ka Dard Aur Peeda Door Karne Ka Mantra

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