Yantra Prayog for Money Gains

A very strong and effective Numerical Yantra Experiment for a gain of money and wealth has been described in this post. As per a reliable Tantric Text, if the practitioner succeeds in this Yantra Prayog he will start gaining money and wealth on the completion of this paranormal experiment.

This Yantra Experiment is found in both Islamic as well as Hindu Tantric Texts. In my opinion, it is purely a very powerful Numerical Talisman that is capable of generating strong vibrations that could attract all kinds of wealth.

The Vidhi of making and using this Yantra is given below.

1] The Yantra shown in the image has to be prepared 11 times on the day of Amavasya on 11 separate white pieces of paper using any kind of ink.

Powerful Yantra Prayog for Money Gain

2] Then, all the 11 Yantras have to be buried in any kind of farmland.

3] This procedure should be followed until the 14th Tithi or Chaturdashi. This means that that the Yantra Prayog should be done for 15 days in a row starting from the day of Amavasya.

4] There is no Puja-Vidhi or rules, like Disha, Aasan prescribed for this Yantra Prayog.

A Hindi language video of a most powerful Shri Ram Mantra Prayog for gains of all kinds of money and wealth and resolution of other problem, like domestic strife, difficulties caused by enemies and getting relief from diseases and ailments can be seen here – Most Powerful Shri Ram Mantra Prayog for Wealth and other Gains

Note- See the Money Yantras and Muslim Mantras and Yantras Section for other Yantras, Charms, and Talismans for similar purposes.


  1. (1)Here is a shabar mantra for money gains and relief from debt .In the morning chant this mantra for 30 minutes(for 21 days) sitting before the idol./picture of Maa Kali-Om namo Chandi Chandi Mahaachandi,Kali Kali Mahaakali ,Durge Durge Mahaadurge ,sankat haro rakshaa karo ,manokaamnaa poorn karo .Jo na karo to duhaai Guru Gorakhnaath kee ,duhaai Ishwar Mahaadev Goraa Paarvatee kee ,Mahaabalee Bhairav kee duhaaiओम नमो चंडी चंडी  महा चंडी काली काली महाकाली  दुर्गे दुर्गे महादुर्गे संकट हरो रक्षा करो मनोकामना पूर्ण करो  जो न करो तो दुहाई गुरु गोरख नाथ की  दुहाई ईश्वर महादेव गोरा पार्वती की  महाबलीभैरव की दुहाई .
    (2)Trishakti Sadhna Shabar mantra for money gains --Bangaal kee raanee kare mehmaanee ,moonj banee ke kaawaa,Padmaawatee baith khaawe maawaa ,sattar Sulemaan ne Hanuman ko rot lagaayaa ,Hanuman ne raah sankat hataayaa .Taaraadevee aawe ghar ,haat uthaake dewe var .Satguru ne satya kaa sabd sunaayaa ,sun jogee aasan lagaayaa ,kiske aasan kiske jaap ,jo bolyo satguru aap .Har kee paudee Lachhamee kee kaudee ,Sulemaan aawe chadh ghodee .aa-u aa-u Padmaawatee maai,karee bhalaai ,na kare to guru Gorakh kee duhaai .--daily in the morning ,after bath chant one rosary for 41 days बंगाल  की  रानी  करे  मेहमानी   ,मूँज  बनी  के  कावा ,पद्मावती  बैठ  खावे  मावा  ,सत्तर   सुलेमान  ने  हनुमान  को  रोट  लगाया  ,हनुमान  ने  राह  संकट  हटाया  
     .तारादेवी  आवे  घर  ,हात उठाके  देवे  वर  .   सतगुरु  ने  सत्य  का  सब्द  सुनाया  ,सुन  जोगी  आसन  लगाया  ,किसके  आसन किसके  जाप  ,जो  बोल्यो  सतगुरु  आप  .हर  की  पौड़ी  लछमी  की  कौड़ी  ,सुलेमान  आवे  चढ़  घोड़ी ,आउ आउ  पद्मावती  माई ,करी  भलाई  ,न  करे  तो  गुरु  गोरख  की  दुहाई  ., 

    1. These are very good Shabar Mantras and video of the first Mantra can be seen here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qRFJlVvM8E

    2. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद आपका सत्यनिधि जी बहुत उत्तम मंत्र दिया आपने

    3. Hello Neel /Satyanidhi sir, Any effctive mantra for Lottery? I tried couple from this site but not working.

    4. पुराने जमाने में लाटरी का प्रचलन नहीं था ,अतः इसके मन्त्र नहीं मिलते। द्यूत(जुआ )खेला जाता था ,जिसके मन्त्र और यंत्र मिल जाते हैं। कुछ बाबानुमा लोगों ने पिशाच,कर्णपिशाचिनी आदि के मन्त्रों को लाटरी जीतने के लिए मन्त्र बताकर प्रचार शुरू किया है ,हालांकि वे लाटरी जीतने के मन्त्र नहीं हैं। कर्णपिशाचिनी साधना सिद्ध होने पर वह कान में भूत वर्तमान की बातें बता देती है। स्वप्नसिद्धि भी यही है ,स्वप्न में आपके प्रश्न का उत्तर मिल जाता है।

  2. dear sir,

    please clarify the doubt after prepared the 11 yantra should keep 15 day pratana purpose then only buried the landfarm or every day 11 yantra prepared (11 yantra + 15 days = 165 yantra buried) or (only 11 yantra buried after 15 days) and buried its confused.


    1. 11 Yantra should be buried everyday for 15 day of the Yantra Sadhana.

  3. Hii guru ji... I want to know a simple and effective remedies for handsome and rich husband........

    1. Please see the post "4 Most Powerful and Beneficial Mantras of Lord Vishnu"dated 29th April,2020 and go through the comments (regarding marriages ).

  4. Sir city main jo parks hote hain kya us main burry kar sakte hain

  5. Namaste Sirji after completing 15days sadhana what should we do further should I make a single yantra and keep along with me'or anything else should be done pls reply Guruji

  6. Namaste Guruji
    I have done this sadhana this is my 15th day I have completed 11yantras per day and burried in farmland
    After this 15days sadhana shall I make a single yantra and keep with me or what should I do pls reply me Guruji Please forgive me for disturbing u and Ur precious valuable time

    1. There is no need to keep a Yantra with you, do only as described in the post.

  7. Hi

    What is sattayesha yantra and hoe can we prepare it and what benifit we can get from it

  8. I live in Texas, USA. Hard to find farming land or access it even if I find one. Can I burry it in woody area with lot of trees etc ? It is green belt area behind my house. Also is it ok I burry it near by my home or does it have to be far away etc. please answer.

  9. Hi sir any remedy for diabeties


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