Dattatreya Mantra to Remove All Unexplainable Problems

In this, I have published a mail received from a reader regarding all kinds of unexplainable issues, including paranormal problems, strange occurrences, and series of bad luck. I have tried to give the simplest solution to get relief from this chronic paranormal problem. The mail has been published as it is below.

Dear Neel,
Thank you for a most informative website.

I am writing to you in an attempt to find answers and solutions to many unexplained happenings in my life over the last 20+ years. I have not been able to keep a single job after leaving my second job in 2005.

My jobs all follow the same pattern, it starts off well, my employers and colleagues like me and are amazed at my abilities. But, after a few months, they seem to turn against me and get rid of me. This is without any reason at all.

I have had so much bad luck and failures in this time, that I really don’t know what to do. I don’t have the will to try anymore. People tell me that they can’t understand how I am struggling so much, because I am intelligent and have knowledge and abilities and I live a reasonably decent life, don’t drink alcohol or smoke and we are vegetarians.

We have heard and experienced strange noises in our house, we have heard whispering and voices. We have felt a presence in our home. We found money covered in ash under my parents' bed.

Dattatreya Mantra to Remove All Negative Energy

2 dogs of ours died suddenly and freakishly. We always feel like our conversations are being listened to.

I can’t seem to earn any money. All money-related matters come to nothing. My mother, father and I live in our house. We always seem to not have enough money.

I have been married 2 times, the first was a disaster, and most of my problems started after that. In my second marriage, my wife refuses to live with me at our home. She keeps saying that our house is eerie, she hates my mother and keeps my child away from us.

I come from a very religious family, with puja being integral to our lives. We listen to discourses daily and are very involved at our local ashram. We have assisted in organizing and attended Bhagwat Saptah, Sampoorna Ramayan, Navaratri chanting, and Homam for 9 days by priests from Chennai.

My mother does Shiv Abhishek daily, she does Ramayan Parayan every day. She does 100 mala jap daily. I chanted Durga Saptashati more than 100 times at home, I have performed Navratri Vrat 5 times without having salt and grains, we have chanted Bandi Mochan more than 100 times. We have recited Hanuman Chalisa 108 times in one sitting on 2 occasions on full moon night.

I chant Durga Suktam daily, I chant Navagraha Stotra daily, I have also chanted Kanaka Dhara Stotra, on other occasions I have chanted Devi Kavach, Argala Stotra, and Keelakam. All chantings are done in Sanskrit

We have performed Vishnu and Shiv Sahasranaam Homam and also chanted Vishnu, Shiv , Gauri and Devi Khadgamala Sahasranaam Stotra many times. Sundar Kand had also been chanted in our house many times.

Navgraha Vrat has been performed on each of the prescribed days of the week as per the Graha of the day.

My parents have visited India many times and went on many Teerth, Jyotirlingas, Kailash Mansarovar, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Vrindavan, and Mathura, Ganga Snaan, Varanasi, Gaya, Char Dham.

My brothers that live away from home are not affected by this misfortune and happenings. My mother and I are mostly affected by this. We have trouble sleeping, we are suspicious of everything, and are fearful.

I feel like my mind is being bent and warped. I have no stability in my life, and I am so confused about what to do because so many people are saying different things. Any remedy is temporary, and the problems come back after a few weeks or months. My life is being ruined, because everything I try to do ends up failing, simple tasks become impossible, yet when given to others, it's done instantly.

Did anybody do something to me, if so, who did this, and what did they do that seems so insurmountable? Is it black magic, is it Pitra Dosh. Nobody can tell me directly, people say ex-wife and her family, some say people in my father’s family, some say my current wife. I don’t know what to believe.

We are questioning our own thoughts, are all these happenings in our minds, are we emotionally scarred to a point of paranoia, are we looking for excuses for our own failures, are all these normal, is it just Prarabdh, why is my fate so bad.

Please, any information or assistance will be greatly appreciated.

The Solution:
The reader has tried most powerful paranormal remedies to resolve his problems. However, he has failed in his attempts. It seems that the reader is affected by chronic negativity and superstition and hence he is attracting negative and harmful vibrations due to too much reliance on paranormal solutions.

It is advisable that he totally refrains from practicing all these solutions and by taking a Sankalp or Pledge that he will remove all negativity from his mind with immediate effect.

I will advise him to forget everything and do Samaran of Dattatreya Bhagwan and chant the Mahamantra – श्री गुरुदेव दत्त || Shri Gurudev Datta || as much as he likes either verbally or mentally, especially whenever he is experiencing bouts of negativity and superstition. It is also advisable that he requests the people living with him in the same house to do so. This simple Mantra Remedy will give them peace of mind and resolve all their problems, it will also remove all Bad Karma, Sins, Curses, Vastu, and Tantric Problems.

They should only chant the Mantra and do nothing else, including Puja-Vidhi, and only light a Diya of Oil and a couple of Agarbatti in the morning and evenings in their Place of Worship at home.


  1. Neel sir..I felt badly disturbed reading the content.the person had done so many poojas and yet these problems remain.i truly hope and pray that all would soon be okay for him and his mother,Neel sir.

    1. That's the reason why refrain from doing bad karmas which will later haunt individuals in this life or thereafter. And he will also experience the fruits of all those poojas in later stages. Souls has to bear both good and bad karmas, it's a continues process.

  2. Bring Guru Granth Sahib ji in ur house for akhand path for three days you need spiritually bhai sahib and they do path with purity I’m sure your all problems done

    1. Many people say to read bani and that all your problems will go away but I find that a very wrong thing to say. Many Sikh mothers recite bani every morning which is very lengthy but they never seem to get any relief, just problems. Even people who follow the 52 hukam and my uncle hold a yearly path but no relief at all, just more and more problems. Whereas, alot of the time, Hindus typically dedicate less than 15 minutes to their chanting and their prayers are answered very quickly. So I don't think Waheguru/Brahman cares to answer prayers

  3. Oh, this is very unfortunate. I will advise the ready to practice only exorcism mantras or the mantra below every morning before going out and before going to bed. The mantra: On Namo Patteya Buddhanam. This should be chanted 108 times every sitting.

  4. If the mantra I shared doesn't work after 21 days, he should send me an email: michaelgbaengna@gmail.com, I will perform a very powerful exorcism for him and his family. I once encountered a similar situation but managed out . Some mantras when chanted at the same time for the same purpose sometimes do not yield good results, so take note. If they have attacked someone spiritually in any form, they must cancel the attack immediately. Such attacks can create similar inconveniences.

  5. Well if it's really a tantrik abhichaar kriya ... Then resorting to Narsimhi devi , or maa kaali or Kaal Bhairav or Lord Narsimha would be best.

    For lord Narsimha .. his kavachama and sahastranaam stotram would be very effective..

    Same for all the deities mentioned..that is - recite their kavacham and sahastranaam stotram.. either of these deities ...these are very fierce deoties
    ..all powers fear them.

    Or else it could be that , there's been a physical ominous object - like dead bones placed inside or beneath your residence. A wise brahman - really an ascetically accomplished one should be called so that he could identify the object. If that happens to be the case. You should contact the sanyasis of juna akahara or the puri shankaracharya... These are really powerful ones... Their ascetic accomplishments are of great prowess..

    You could also try the "SundarKaand paath" - it's mighty and tames even the strongest of daakini - shaakini etc etc..

  6. By the way sir , the dutt or the Duttaaaaa - which one is the correct pronunciation for the deity?

  7. नमस्कार नील साहब,
    ये सारी समस्याएं से बल्कि इससे भी बुरे रूप में मैं 25 सालो से झुझता आ रहा हूँ, इससे भी बेकार ये कि पिछले साल मैंने अपने पिता को खो दिया । इन श्रीमान की ही तरह मेरी पहली शादी 1 महीने चली और फिर शादी ही नही हुई, गायत्री के जाप से लेकर सब तरह के हवन पूजन परायण, पूजा पाठ, तंत्र मंत्र सब आजमा लिए, स्थिति जस की तस बनी रही । पिछले साल के अंत मे एक जैन मुनि ने एक उपाय मुझे बताया, उसके बाद से मेरे जीवन मे ऐसे ऐसे चमत्कार ही कहना चाहिए हुए कि हर तरह की नकारात्मक शक्तियों से मेरा पीछा छूट गया है और लगभग 25 सालो के बाद अब जीवन मे स्थायित्व नजर आने लगा है ।
    प्रयोग - जैन धर्म मे नवकार महामंत्र का बहुत महत्व है, इसमें 5 पद है, इन पदो को उल्टे क्रम में पढ़िए और 1 माला यानी 108 उल्टे नवकार मंत्र का जाप रोज बिना मिस किये पढ़िए । माला कोई भी हो, आसन कोई भी हो, दिशा पूर्व और समय एक निश्चित हो । एकांत कमरे में करिये, घर के सभी सदस्य कर सकते हैं ।
    आपकी सुविधा के लिए उल्टे पद का नवकार मंत्र यहां लिख रहा हूँ परंतु सही उच्चारण समझने के लिए आप यूट्यूब पर नवकार मंत्र सर्च कर लीजिए, वहां आपको मूल नवकार के बहुत से वीडियो मिल जाएंगे ।
    1 - णमो लोए सवसाहूणं
    2 - णमो उवज्झायाणं
    3 - णमो आयरियाणं
    4 - णमो सिद्धाणं
    5 - णमो अरहंताणं

    1. I hope readers suffering from such problems will find this Jain Mantra Prayog beneficial.

    2. मेरा प्रश्न वो भाई से जिन्होंने णमोकार मंत्र के बारे में बताया, भाई क्या इस मंत्र जाप को करने के लिए प्याज़ लहसुन छोड़ना होगा? मैं वेजेटेरियन हूँ लेकिन प्याज़ लहसुन और अदरक कहती हूँ,
      नील सर आप भी रोशनी ड़ालें मेरे सवाल पर

    3. आप अपने नॉर्मल खाने के साथ मंत्र का जाप कर सकते हो, लेकिन सात्विक मनोकामना के पूर्ति के लिए इन मंत्रों को बोलना चाहिए।

    4. नील सर, मनोकामना पूरी तरह सात्विक है, बस यही डर था कि कहीं जैन भोजन की शर्त ना हो

  8. this mantra is very good for fear, bad dreams, negative entity attacking you while sleeping. personally tried

    1. Yes, the Mantra is good for every problem, including the ones mentioned by you.

  9. We should chant shri gurudeva datta or om shri gurudeva datta?

  10. श्री घंटाकर्ण महावीर का जप करें


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