Five Supernatural Tantric Upay Using Safed Gunja

In this post, I have written about five simple and easy-to-practice Tantric Upay or Experiments for Vashikaran, Putra-Prapti, Divya Shakti Darshan, Removal of Poison and Dhan Prapti which make the use of the Jad or Root of the Shwet Gunja or abrus precatorius or rosary pea plant.

The use of both the Red and White varieties of the Gunja Plant is widespread in Tantra Shastra and a wide range of Tantric Experiments for diverse purposes are practiced using the various parts of the Gunja Plant.

Even Though, normally the beans or peas of this plant are used in most supernatural experiments, the Tantric Experiments described in this post make the use of the root of the white variety of the abrus precatorius plant.

Another reason for describing these five paranormal experiments is that they are all standalone Tantric Upay that do not need the use of any Mantra, Puja-Vidhi, or any ritual to practice these paranormal experiments.
Paranormal Powers of Safed Gunja

For Attraction of any Man or Lady:
The practitioner should take a small part of the Jad or Root of the Safed Gunja Plant and mix it with an equal quantity of Sandalwood Paste and prepare the Vashikaran Tilak Paste.

This Safed Gunja – Sandalwood Paste should be applied as a Tilak on the forehead to cast a Vashikaran or Akarshan Spell on every person, including any desired man or woman.

This Vashikaran Tantra is applicable for all motives, including love, marriage, or business.

For visualizing Invisible Divine or Mystic Invisible Beings: The practitioner should prepare a very fine paste by mixing a small portion of the Jad of the Shwet Gunja Plant and Pure Honey together.

This Shwet Gunja – Pure Honey Paste has to be used like an Anjan or Surma/Kajal to view these supernatural entities. The exact nature of these invisible beings has not been mentioned in the Shabar Tantra.

For Begetting Male Progeny: A small portion of the root of the Shwet Gunja Plant should be tied with a string on the waist before relations with your spouse to beget a male child.

For removing the effects of Poison: The Shwet Gunja Jad should be immersed in fresh drinking water and the water should be given to the poisoned person to drink.

As per the Shabar Tantra, this simple paranormal remedy removes the side effects of poison.

For Peace and Money:
Apart from the four paranormal remedies describe above the Safed Gunja has soothing and relaxing effects on the mind and gives peace and removes fear and tension from the mind. Hence, many people wear a Mala or rosary of the White Gunja Beans around their neck.

Wearing a Mala of Safed Gunja is also said to attract money, wealth, and prosperity.

Note: All the information given in this post is as per the Shabar Tantra and I have written about it only to give knowledge of rare and ancient Indian Tantric Rituals.

Paranormal Experiments using the Lal or Red Gunja Plant can be seen here: Tantric Upay using Lal Gunja


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