Mantra to recite while bathing

The Snanvidhi Mantra is a prayer which is recited while taking a bath. This prayer invokes the names of the holy and sacred rivers of Hinduism which are Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri, The blessing of these rivers, which symbolize water which is a source of life are sought.

While bathing one invoke the blessings of pure water which is one of the five elements, to cleanse ones mind and body, to wash away the sins and impure energies which have accumulated during the course of the day.

The Snanvidhi Mantra is a great way to kick start the beginning of a new day.

Bathing Mantra 3D Image
Bathing Mantra

Snanvidhi Mantra
Ganga Gangeti Yo Bruyat
Yognana Shtairapi l
Muchate Sarvapapempyo
Vishnulok s Gachati ll
Gange ch Yamune Chaiv l
Godavari Saraswati l
Narmade Sindhu Kaveri
Jale Sminu Sunnidhin Kuru ll
Papaphari Duritari Tarangdhari
Shailprachari Girirajguhabidari l
Jhankarkari Haripaderjodpahari l
Gang Punatu Satat Shubkari Vaari ll

स्नानविधी मंत्र
गंगा गंगेति यो ब्रुयात
योजनानां शतैरपि l
मुच्यते सर्वपापेम्प्यो
विष्णुलोकं स गच्छति ll
गंगे च यमुने चैव l
गोदावरि सरस्वति l
नर्मदे सिंधु कावेरि
जले स्मिनू सन्निधिं कुरु ll
पापापहारी दुरितारि तरंगधारि
शैलप्रचारि गिरीराजगुहाबिदारी l
झंकारकारी हरिपादरजोड़पहारि l
गांग पुनातु सततं शुभकारि वारि ll


  1. thanks for this beautiful mantra.

    maa ganga has promised that if someone recites this mantra while bathing she will manifest in that water itself and purify not only the person bathing and recitng this mantra but also the place of bathing itself.

    the mantra goes on with nandini naalini etc..
    cud u kindly post the second part as well?

    kind regards


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