NWO forces FDI in retail in India

Wal-Mart has described India’s decision to allow 51% foreign direct investment [FDI] as the “first important step” .They of course have not spelled out the “next steps”, which is left to our imagination.

That the ongoing economic crisis has affected the retail giants like Wal-Mart, Tesco and others is no secret. That Euro zone faces financial collapse any day is the harsh truth staring down the faces of the financial controllers - New World Order.Desperate plans and conspiracies are underway to offset the collapse.

These plans include not only the huge War I spoke about in my last post but also subverting and controlling huge markets like India. That the financial crisis seems to have deepened can be judged by the haste with which the Indian Cabinet approved the decision.

What is really alarming is the ease and speed with which the NWO can get things done in India. The quick response of the US Ambassador to India, Peter Burleigh, in welcoming the decision also makes one suspicious.

That the consequence of this decision, likely to affect the livelihood of an estimated 4 Million traders, is not on the mind of the Indian Government. One does not know, but can easily guess, what is on their minds. They have gone too far with the NWO; it’s not possible to break clean.

One has seen the “first important step”; now one has to wait and watch for the “next steps”.

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