Mantra for Vision of Shiva in Rudra Form

Rudra means most frightening, terrible and fearsome and hence the Aghori manifestation or Avatar of Shiva is known as the Rudra Avatar. The worship of Rudra was widespread during the Vedic Age and even though some sections of Hindu society believe that there are differences between Rudra and Shiva, it is the general belief that Rudra is a terrifying manifestation of Shiva.

By Ashok Mehta
Following is an extremely secretive Rudra Mantra through which one can get Darshan [Vision or Apparition] of Shiva in his Rudra Form.

||ॐ यो रुद्रोऽग्नौ यो प्सुय ओषधीऽषुयो रुद्रो विश्वा भुवना विवेश  तस्मै रुद्राय नमोऽस्तु ||

1. Start from a Maha Shiv Ratri or Rama Navami or any auspicious day of  Shiva or Vishnu.
2. Do the Mantra Japa from 12 or 2 AM till the end of Brahma Muhurat of the morning in a Shivling temple which is situated in a no man's land. Sit facing the east direction or Ishaan Disha on a White Aasan wearing only a White Dhoti. Even better if someone manages to get a leopard skin or tiger skin for Aasan
3. Use a Chowki and keep an energized Shiv or Rudra Yantra on a mount of rice.
4. Use an energized 5 Mukhi Rudraksh Japa Mala and do 108 rounds daily  for a period of16 days.
5. Before starting the Rudra Mantra  Japa, take a Sankalp that you are doing this Mantra Japa for getting a Pratyaksh Darshan of Shiva in his Rudra Form.

This is an extremely extremely secretive Mantra so don’t do this sadhana for testing or trying. Only do this Mantra Experiment if you have determination.


  1. Thanks Neel N, is there an English translation please?

    1. OM yo rudro.agnau yo psuya oShadhI.aShuyo rudro vishvA bhuvanA vivesha tasmai rudrAya namo.astu

    2. This is the English translation of the above Rudra Mantra.

  2. sir, give simple mantras which are useful for common men and not so powerful mantras

  3. Shiva's Rudra form will give a man whatever he desires in this age of kali.
    I'm stoked to see this mantra

  4. Yes because Shiv is Supreme Being, Nirakar. That which is not born or created, can never be destroyed. Shiv has no Form and is worshipped in the form of Jyoti that He is. The Rudra form mentioned here is of Shankar, Mahadev who always was in meditative mode with eyes half open.

  5. Mr,Ashok,i have been searching red velvet cloth to use as a aasan for kamadev mantra sadhana,i have found many shades of red color cloths,any red color shade i can use(blood red,tomato red,rose red,wine red,brick red)? or only red color?

  6. Mr sandy, always choose blood red colour or similar shades while doing a sadhana which involves red colour.

  7. Dear sir, are points 2 and 4 independent? One should do one or the other? That is, doing japa from 12 until Brahma Muhurta or doing it daily 108 times for 16 days?

    Thank you.

  8. Sir please help me मेरी तबियत बहोत खराब है कुछ 4 5 दिनों से ।। मुजे rudra mantra का जाप करना चाइये ना ।। sir दिन में सिर्फ 11 time जाप करना चाइये ।। sir plz fast reply me


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