Shri Krishna Mantra For Intelligence

This devotional Shri Krishna Mantra makes the chanter of the Mantra extremely intelligent, sharp, clever and be able to fully understand, grasp and visualize most things clearly and free from bias. The Mantra is extremely suitable for the devotees of Shri Krishna who are striving to enhance their mental capabilities so as to aid them in their day to day activities, employment, business studies, scholarly and religious pursuits. – Ashok Mehta

The Mantra Siddhi over this Shri Krishna Mantra is gained by chanting the Mantra given below1.25 lakh [125,000] times.

There are no special rules or regulations to be followed by Sadhaks other than the Basic Purashcharan rules, which have to be followed by the chanters while performing this Shri Krishna mind and brain power enhancing Mantra Prayoga.

Mantra: || ॐ कृष्ण विलेपनाय नमः||
|| Om Krishna Vilepanaay Namaha ||

Note- For a diverse and wide range selection of all kinds of Brain and Mental Capacity enhancing Mantra Chants and Hindu Paranormal techniques please see the sections on – Brain Mantras and Saraswati Mantras


  1. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Do we have to complete the mantra at one stretch or in a fixed number of days?

  2. Sir I have a question if we achive a shidhi, like this one mentioned ,does it stays with us forever or aomehtings have to be done time to time to retain it

    1. The Siddhi once gained in the context of this Mantra will remain with you forever.

  3. Can i chant this mantra for my son?

    1. It is better if your son chants the Mantra himself.

    2. Yes. It's better if your son chants it. But if you want, you tell a Brahmin to take sankalp on behalf on your son's behalf and do japa

  4. sir i have few doubts?
    1. can the mantra be recited at any time and can we recite it while sitting , walking etc or we have to just sit at one place on same time everyday and then recite the fixed number of mala everyday.
    as i have started chanting 52 malas of this mantra daily but i am chanting few malas in morning , few in afternoon and few at night. is it correct method.
    2) The pronunciation is vi+lepnaya namah or vilep+nay namah

    pls do revert.

  5. Sir
    What r basic purashcharan rules .please explain . Searched in net but didnt understand

    1. Purush - Human . Acharan - conduct. Proper human conduct , no bad thoughts, 100% belief, all in all purity of mind.

  6. Pranam Guruji.
    Please Could you explain the meaning of the mantra?
    And is it true Guruji that we have to know the meaning of mantras to get siddhi on it?

  7. How many days to complete the chanting

  8. I chanted 11 malas of this mantra yesterday's evening. But in the evening i felt like to cry, upset and depressed. Is it because of this mantra ?

    1. i chanted this mantra 1008 times and i was able to see future things in dreams.

  9. Is this one time experiment ?


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