Throat Disease Removal By Coconut Oil Mantra

A Shabar Healing Mantra to get relief and cure throat diseases, ailments and pain by using Coconut Oil [ Nariyal Tel] has been described by me in this post. This Shabar Mantra is from the Navnath Panth and invokes Guru Gorakhnath in order to heal the patient.

The use of the Mantra is very simple and this Mantra Prayog can be performed by anyone as the Mantra does not need any type of Siddhi Sadhana for controlling the Mantra.

To use the Mantra to heal the throat disease or pain of any person or even himself, the practitioner should take a little bit of Coconut Oil in a Katora and hold the Katora in his hand and chant the Shabar Health Mantra given below 21 times. This procedure infuses the Coconut Oil with the healing powers of the Mantra.

Indian Occult Throat Disease Removal By Coconut Oil Mantra

आकाश तेल पातळ तेल |
मुहँ में  बाप लगाये तेल सियाल सिन्दूर सिग्गी |
होरे फिराय आशा देवी मंसामाई |
आशा विषहारी राई की दुहाई |
इसी वक्त गल गंड रोग चला जाय |
मेरी आन गुरु गोरखनाथ की आन |
ईश्वर गौरा महादेव की दुहाई |
Aakash Tel Paatal Tel |
Muhan Mem Baap Lagaaye Tel Siyal Sindoor Siggi |
Hore Firaaya Asha Devi Mamsaamaae |
Asha Vishahaari Raee Ki Duhai |
Isi Wakt Gal Gand Rog Chala Jaay |
Meri Aan Guru Gorakhnath Ki Aan |
Ishwar Goura Mahadev Ki Duhai |

Then, the Mantra Infused Coconut Oil should be gently applied over the throat. This, the Tantra say will remove the throat ailment and the patent will experience relief.

The same Mantra Prayog can be repeated again until total relief is experienced and the throat disease is cured.


  1. Hi Sir,
    Can this remedy be used for hypothyroid?

    1. Yes, you could try this mantra remedy for your problem.


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