Totka for Inauspicious Black Spot on the Body

In this post, I have written about a Totka or an Indian Paranormal Remedy for removing the bad effects of having a dark or black spot or Kala Daag on the Body. Some sections of Indian society consider that have a black spot on the face or any other part of the body is an inauspicious omen, if this black spot has appeared on the body on its own and not due to any accident, injury or operation.

Even though, I do not subscribe to this point of view as I consider it to be a mere superstition and nothing more, I will explain the simple home remedy, which is said to remove the ill effects of this black spot or multiple black spots.

This Gharelu Upay is of-course for those people who believe that it is an inauspicious omen, others who do not believe in it, can safety ignore this home remedy.

The remedy is thus:
1] Take the mud or dust from a Mitti Ka Chulha or a Traditional Indian Mud Stove and apply it over the dark spots.

2] The practitioner has to take care that the mud should be reasonably hot, while applying it over the dark spots. However, it should not be so hot that it could cause burns.

This is all that has to be done to perform this remedy, the remedy is most simple and easy to perform and even lay persons can easily perform it without experiencing any kind of difficulty.

The Tantra says that practicing this simple Gharelu Upay will remove the inauspicious ill effects, which are attributed to the black spots that have appeared on the face or elsewhere on the body.

The video in the Hindu language and English text is given below:

Note- The purpose of this writing this post is solely meant to give interesting information about Traditional Indian Paranormal Remedies and not to spread any kind of superstition.

For more interesting Traditional Indian Paranormal and Tantric Totke and Gharelu Upay, please see the concerned sections on Paranormal Remedies and Lal Kitab Tone-Totke.


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