Upay to Always Remain a Sada Suhagan

This is a Sada Suhagan Banane Ka Ya Akhand Saubhagyavati Rahne Ka Totka or a paranormal remedy to live a long and happy life and die as a married woman. Sada Suhagan and Akhand Saubhagyavati are terms, which have since the ancient times been associated with Indian, especially Hindu Women.

Most people would have come across the blessing given by elders and sages to married women “Sada Suhagan Raho” or “Akhand Saubhagyavati Bhava”.

In the ancient times and the middle-ages and in many cases, even in these modern times, the life of a woman without a husband or a widow or divorced woman is very difficult, unsafe and unlivable. This is probably the reason why these blessings originated in the ancient times.

The blessing can also be read as “may you always live a happy and contented life married life without any difficulties and insecurity”.

Those women who desire to seek this boon should worship Shiv-Parvati for getting their desire in becoming a Akhand Saubhagyavati or Sada Suhagan come true. There are two things, which you must do to gain this boon from Shiv-Parvati as per the texts.

1] In the morning, after getting up from bed, do Namaskar of Prithvi Mata by touching your forehead to the ground thrice. This gains the blessings of the Earth Goddess.

2] Keep a fast on Purnima or Full Moon Day and light a Diya in-front of a Shivling and offer Jal-Doodh[Water-Milk] to the Shivling.

Throughout the period of the Vrat, maintain a Satvik attitude and do not speak ill about anyone or gossip or criticize anyone. Show respect to you elders and seek their blessings. Respect your in-laws  and if possible feed a cow on this day.

These 2 Upay should be performed to gain the boon of a long, happy and prosperous live without the major worries and difficulties faced by many people. 


  1. Sir... Can jal dhoodh be offered to shivling kept at home mandir? Or it is necessary to go to mandir to light diya n do abhishek of water and milk?

    1. Jal Doodh can be offered at any one of the 2 places.

  2. Suffering losses every time in share market.pls tell me some upay

  3. Sir give some sure remedy to stop divorce..as my sister husband has filed divorce but my sister doesnt want it.kindly help it wl save two lives n two families.


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