Simple Magical Remedy to Appease Angry Lover

A simple magical experiment to remove differences with your husband, wife or your lover has been described by me in this post. This simple paranormal home remedy, which can be practiced by anyone of the two partners to mollify or calm down the angry or sulking lover or spouse, makes the use of Mushrooms and Honey.

The Tantrik text specially mentions Chatri Ki Khumbi or Umbrella Mushrooms as the specific variety of Mushroom that can be used for practicing this magical experiment for pacifying the sulking lover.

However, this should be an edible variety and not the kind of poisonous Umbrella Mushroom that grows in rainy and moist condition on rotting wood and garbage.

The person wishing to appease his or her angry or displeased husband, wife or lover can practice this magical experiment by taking One Mushroom and applying One Gram of Honey on the Mushroom and giving it to the angry lover to eat.

This simple experiment is said to appease the angry lover and remove the differences between the husband and wife or the two lovers.

Notes - This is a standalone magical remedy that can be practiced by anyone on any day and time without the need of any religious ritual or prayer.

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