Mantra to Destroy Ghosts and Spirits

In this post, I have written about a Bhoot Nashak Mantra or Mantra for possessing the strong occult and paranormal powers of being able to destroy ghosts, spirits, demons, phantoms, vampires and other ghostly entities by chanting this Mantra.

If someone wants to possess such immense supernatural powers, the efforts should also be immense. For this, the aspiring practitioner should already possess a higher level of spiritual advancement because such Mantras, which are capable of generating massive energy are usually handed over by a Guru to his Shishya.

Other who want to possess these powers have to be spiritually advanced and along with that be capable of putting in immense effort.

The Ghosts Destruction Mantra, given below has to be mastered by chanting it 10008 times non-stop. By non-stop, I mean non-stop. The preferred rosary should be a Rudraksha Japa Mala.

ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्रायः कोशेश्वराय नमो ज्योतिः पतंगाय नमो नमः सिद्धि रूप रूपाय ज्ञपति स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraayah Kosheshvaraaya Namoh Jyotiah Patangaaya Namo Namah Siddhi Roop Roopaaya Gyapati Swaha ||

The Mantra Prayog can be started on any auspicious Tithi, Shubh Yog or Muhurat or the Grahan Kaal[period of any full or partial Solar or Lunar Eclipse] or any festival like Holi, Navratri or Makar Sankranti,

When, the practitioner wishes to utilize the power of the Bhoot Nashak Mantra to remove a ghost or demon from a possessed person or a place, he has to keep chanting the Mantra.

This, the Tantra says will make the ghost or demon disappear and if it is a stubborn ghost, which refuses to run away, it will be destroyed by the powerful vibrations emitting from the Ghost Eradication Mantra.

Note- for many other Mantras, Yantras and rituals to remove, kill and destroy Bhut-Pret, Pishacha, Rakshasa, Atrupt Atma, Chudail and other evil Pret-Atmas,  please see the section on – Exorcism Mantra and Tantra


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