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Facts about Apsara, Yakshini and Itar Yoni Sadhana

Today, I will share some interesting facts about the Sadhanas of Apsara, Yakshini and other similar Shaktis. Many people, ask about Apsara, Yakshini and Itar Yoni Sadhana as many Sadhaks are fascinated by them. - Post By Guru Swami

Though, I always say that rather than doing Sadhana of these entities, you should do the Tapasya of your Isht Dev or the Mahashaktis who have created these Shaktis, so as to become even stronger than these Shaktis.

Many Siddha, Saints, Mahayogis, Paramhans and Rishis can also give you the desired boon and even those  boons that these Shaktis cannot give you.  Also one thing is very evident that without making yourself Sashakt you cannot get success in these Sadhanas.

When you yourself are not powerful enough these Shaktis get dominance over you.

Now, the most important thing about their Sadhana is that most Sadhaks are at the stage, which is not qualified for getting sure success.

At the starting stage of spirituality and Tapa you do not have such strong energy shield and Tapobal. In easy terms you need minimum of 3 years for success in these Sadhanas.

One year for increasing your Tapobal and spiritual level, the second year for preparing yourself before the Sadhana, which needs a series of other Sadhanas and many other things.

And the third year in doing Apsara or Yakshini Sadhana for that you have to choose a specific remote location.

Many people say ghar me hi kar le but having Anubhuti and experience and getting result are two different things.

Now about the 5 main gods, Narayan,  Shiva,  Maa Durga, Ganesha and Surya Dev.

For these gods you have to do Tapasya for years and years and Janams for appeasing Narayan.

12 years for Shiva

7 years for Suryadev

5 years for Ganesha

3 years for Maa Durga or Devi Shaktis.

So I think that doing Tapa of Maa Shakti is supreme in every aspect.

No need of doing Itar Yoni Sadhanas, all Itar Yonis fear the power of the Maa Shaktis Sadhak.

Even just a mere stare from the Maa Durga Sadhak can make them tremble with dread and fear.

And the powers Maa Durga can give,  cannot be given by anyone else,  in the whole multiverses.

She is ever merciful,  just by praying to Maa Durga alone you can get the benefit of worshiping all the gods and goddesses multiple times.

The one who worships her gets the special grace of Lord Bhairav.

Lord Brahma did her Tapa for thousand years and got the power of creation through Shabd Shakti. Narayan by meditating on her got Palan Shakti and Shankar got the power of destruction,  here destruction is not evil type of destruction, but the destruction of Pravriti and Guna of Tamas or Asuri nature.

I have written about Shankar and not Shiva,  I have to tell you that they are not the same.

Shiva is the supreme one, no one including Brahma ji can understand Shiva,  Shankar ji is one of the Tridev, but Shiva is Purn Brahma whose Shakti is Maa Adishakti, which is Maa Durga,  in his Shaktiswaroop without whom Shiva is incomplete.

These days some Maha Gyanis are born, just by reading 4-5 books. The keep saying, Prabhu ji said in canto number this and that all are demi gods that’s why Prabhu ji is the only god is ------- rest you all know.

So never indulge in debate with these Maha Gyanis, these people are believers of Christianity and want to divide Hinduism in 2 parts like how the Christians have Protestants and the others. This is nothing but non followers preaching wrong knowledge.

I have seen some people criticizing Lord Shiva and Maa Durga, these people will also not attain Krishna or Rama as its said by Krishna and Rama that those insulting Shiva will never reach them.

Those Sadhaks who want to do Yakshini or Apsara Sadhanas should first prepare themselves for 2 years and if they possess an average or good level of spirituality, then for 1 year.

One most important thing is making your Isht Dev Prabal that is by doing Punya Jap Tap amd offering them to your Isht Dev and your making your Rashi Swami Prabal.

I will also soon share some other important facts about how you can prepare for Sadhanas and Maa Durga Sadhana and schedule them as per my opinion.
Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. That prabhuji one example was nice. They keep on distracting people from their normal flow.!! Even they are misguided..

  2. Yes, right. Prabhu ji was also the one who started this "so called" concept of "Demi God". Where in fact even while studying Scriptures in Sanskrit also you never see this concept "Demi God".

  3. Guru Swami ji,

    Thanks lots for this amazing blog. Kindly guide me about yakshini sadhna as I am in critical situation and unable to decide myself. I have some specific confusions about it. Please answer :
    1. On successful sadna do Devi Ratipriya/Yakshini manifest in her full form (So that sadhak can see her) or she can come in invisible form (Sadhak can only feel her).
    2. Is there any possibility that instead of her any negative energy come in invisible form and claim that she is Ratipriya/Yakshini.
    3. Is that possible that some other negative energy come to sadhak and take sapath of MahaDev and Mahakali that she is truly the same Yakshini for whom sadhak was doing sadna and not any negative energy.
    4.Do Yakshinis drink energy from sadhak during sleep time or other time.Do they feel sadhak like some energy is sliding upon body.
    5. Do she really give gold/money to sadhak or she just initiate some type of energy in sadhak so that money will attract to him later.
    6.Is that safe or allowed to share experience of Yakshini with anyone or It should be top secrete?
    Kindly respond on these confusions. Please Please Please... Thanks lots in advance

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Depends on tapobal third eye jagran and spiritual level

      No . Negative energy can come but cannot claim

      Useless question no

      Maybe u need to make suraksha ghera and your isht prabal and thats why some series of sadhna is necessary before these

      That was i think about old days time now a days it will ne they will give u sources and profit from them

      Depends on vachan

      Hope its cleared

    4. Thanks a lots for reply.

      So, it conclude that these spiritual shakitis can be seen only by third eye on agya chakra patal and can't be seen by physical eyes.

      Negative energy cannot claim and if she take sapath about her identity that gives full-proof surety.

      Suraksha ghera required against negative energy or against Yakshini also ?

      Thanks again

      Har Har Mahadev

  4. Thank you for posting article .
    I have some doubts in my mind regarding getting results from sadhana . Kindly clarify them .

    1.I am doing sadhana of Ma Bhuwaneshwari ekakshari mantra , with sankalpa (desire to get married , desiring a girl of some qualities ).
    doing 3 lakh japa , started from magh gupta navratri .
    So I want to know If devi is pleased , then how does sadhana show its effect into action.
    ( in what way siddhi of desire comes into real life)?

    2. I have desire to manifest an apsara ,
    so please write those articles on success in apsara sadhana .

    thank you

  5. For making Shukra Prabal by Wearing diamond , which finger is correct ?
    Some astrologers say Middle , some say little finger

    1. Middle
      Do rice dan and laxmi aradhma and shiv aradhna
      Do this for shukra

      ओम गुरूजी शुक्रवार शुक्राचार।मन धरो धीर। कोई नर नारी वीर।नौ नाड़ी बहत्तर कोठा की रक्षा करे। शुक्रवार भार्गव गोत्र,श्वेत वर्ण सोलह हजार जाप,भोजकट देशपूर्व स्थान,पंचकोण मंडल ९ अंगुल वृषतुला राशि के गुरू को नमस्कार।सत फिरे तो वाचा फिरे।पानफूल वासना सिंहासन धरे।तो इतरो काम शुक्रवार जीमहाराज करे। ओमफट्स्वाहा
      Start from friday night 11 times only
      Credits:sushil bhaiya ji

  6. U need to complete it in 5-10 days the mantra hreem 3 lakh times and then when the right time will come u will get some sort of sign but if u have asked for some rare and extreme qualities such as very beautiful extreme attraction kala yukt sadhnatmak field etc etc qualities in her then patnim manorama dehi mantra 1lakh times
    Along with

    Om namah shivaya 4 lacs times
    Om hreem namah 6 lacs times or 3 anusthans of 2 lacs or 2 of 3 lacs
    Daily puja and abhishek of shivling with honey and offering haldi ie turmeric
    After completing all this within 21 days work will be done
    And i think 40-60 days are enough for all this


  8. Guru swami ji
    I want to become extremely rich and extremely successful in my business.
    Kindly give a sadhna for this. I will be thankful to you.

  9. Guru Swami, namaskar.

    I have lost many things in my life.I have put 100% effort in my previous jobs. But everything went against me.Now I am planning to start my own business. Can I know what I should do to clear my blockages so that I can unlock good luck along with my efforts.

  10. Guru Swami Namaskar.

    What should I do to unlock the blockages which are preventing me to get success in what ever I do.

  11. Please shed some light on HanumanJi too!

  12. Guru swami ji,
    which is the best way to increase tapobal or spirituality? I am doing hanuman gayatri along with pranayam and tratak.
    Any more thing i have to do?

    1. Recite isht dev moola mantra 36 lakh times amd minimum 1 puraschan ie n no. Of chans where n equals to no of letters in mantra

  13. Dear Guru swami, so you say that if done in home, we will get just anubhuti and to get the actual result we have to do it in a remote place? Is it ok to do it on any home which is vacated and there is no one during the time of sadhana?

  14. how to make chandra dev prabal?

  15. Apsara & Yakshini is different. Is they stay Together? Can anyone do Sadhana Together ?

  16. There is two parts for Hinduism anyway. Deva-Asura conflict. You can see many articles on vedic astrology and Rahu stating Abrahamic religions are Asuric religions.

  17. Os ataques ocorrem nos sonhos abrir o terceiro olho abre a percepção e bloqueio os ataques


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