Paranormal Remedy for Disputes with Brother

A couple of Indian paranormal remedies or Totke for resolving bad-blood, fights, disputes or disagreements among brothers has been described by me in this post. In the Hindi language, these remedies are called as bhaiyo ke beech jhagda ya man mutav door karne ke Upay.

Both the paranormal remedies are simple and uncomplicated and are free from any kind of religious ritual or the chanting of any kind of Mantra or Prayer.

1] The brother desiring to remove bad blood should make 2 Pind [mounts] of Roti and Gud[Jaggery] by mixing the Roti and Gud in a couple of spoons of Ghee.

He should then, feed these mounts of Roti and Gud to 2 Sand [bulls] separately.

This paranormal remedy should be faithfully performed for 11 days in a row for getting the desired results in resolving all fights and disputes with the other brother.

2] This remedy should be performed by one of the bothers or by a third person who wants the bad blood between the brothers to end.

A] The remedy should be performed by picking by dust/ mud from under the feet of the brothers. This means the dust from the places where the brothers were standing or from the places where their footprints are visible.

B] This dust should be wrapped in a piece of red colored cloth to make a small bundle.

C] Then on a Saturday, black colored dogs should be made to sniff/ smell the red cloth bundle containing the dust from under the feet of the brothers. Then, a pinch of the dust should be sprinkled on  a Roti with Oil applied on it and then the Roti should be fed to the black colored dogs.

Part C of the remedy should be done for 5 Saturdays in a row in order to get the desired results and removing all fights and bad blood between the brothers.

Note- Remedies of all kinds for resolving any kind of dispute, including family and husband-wife disputes, can be seen in these sections- Lal Kitab Remedies and Paranormal Remedies


  1. Namaskar Guruji, my daughter is of marriageable age, I m Hindu married a Muslim, marriage broke off very soon, hv brot her up alone, searching boy is getting an impossible task, with her unconcerned behaviour towards me, the mother daughter relation too is 2 stressed out for words, she is becoming 2 secretive and demanding, equalising with me in everything, this is difficult for me to acer put after having experienced all physical n mental torture from husband, PL suggest some remedy to normalise this relationship. Thank you and await keenly your reply.

    1. See the paranormal remedies and lal kitab remedies for solutions to your problems.

  2. I have so many problem in my company. . Iam not happy. Plz give me eny soliction


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