Yantra to Keep Small Pox away from the House

This is another Chechak Shanti Yantra or a special Healing Yantra to cure small pox. In the past, I had written about two similar Healing Yantras for the same purpose, which was to give relief to a person suffering from small pox. This Yantra, apart from giving relief also keeps the household secure against the outbreak of small pox.

Even though, special procedure of worship has not been prescribed for this Healing Yantra, it can be made on any auspicious occasion and worshiped by lighting an oil lamp and an incense stick in front of it.

1] The Yantra show in the image should be drawn on a Peepal Ka Patta or a Leaf of a Sacred Fig Tree.

Healing Talisman Yantra to Keep Smallpox away from the House
Chechak Shanti Yantra

2] The paste of Ashtagandha should be used as the ink and any small pointed wooden stick can be used as the ink.

3] Then, it should be worshiped as mentioned above and then either tied with a thread to the Chulha [coal or gas stove] or 7 Chechak Shanti Yantras should be tied with a string in the center of the outside of the main door of the house.

This completes the procedure of drawing and using the Chechak Shanti Yantra. The Tantra says that as the Peepal Leaves start drying up, the person suffering from small pox will start experiencing relief.

After the person is fully cured, the dried Peepal Ke Patte can be immersed in a body of flowing water.

Amulet to Get Relief from Smallpox
Small Pox Curing Yantra and Tantra
Sheetla Mata Mantra to get relief from Small Pox


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