Tantric Poison Removal Home Remedies

In this post, I have written about some traditional Indian Tantric home remedies for the removal of poison resulting from the bites of snakes, lizards, house geckos, mad dogs and the removal of smell/ foul odor due to poisonous toxins from the skin.

For Poison resulting from snake bites 
Gunja Plant Seeds or Seeds of the Abrus precatorius plant should be grounded together in water and this water should be given to the person who has been bitten by a snake to drink. This is said to make the effects of the poison subside and give relief to the person who has been poisoned by snake bite.

For Poison from lizards and house geckos 
To get relief from the poison resulting from the bite or coming into close physical contact with lizards and house geckos, drinking the juice of Tulsi leaves[leaves of the holy basil plant] is said to be effective. The Tulsi leaves juice should be consumed for 3 day for it to take effect and give relief to the poisoned person.

For the poison from the bite of a mad/ rabid dog
The dropping of mice are grounded in water and then dried into stripes like shapes, which are placed and bandaged over the portion of the body, where the mad dog has bitten the poisoned person.  This is said to remove the poison resulting from the bite of a mad dog.

For removal of smell/ foul odor resulting from toxins from the body
Siris / Saras tree leaves, Til[sesame seeds], Haldi[turmeric powder] and Methi Seeds[fenugreek seeds] should be grounded together and powdered to make a fine paste. Applying this paste on the body removes the smell and poisonous toxins present on the body and the skin.

Note- All these traditional Indian poison removing home remedies are still practiced in many parts of India.

This site is not in a position to certify the success or failure of the home remedies described by me in this post.


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