Paranormal Remedy for getting Job in Police Force

In this post, I have written about a rare and unique paranormal remedy for getting success in the examination for a job in the Police Department. In the Hindu language, this remedy is called Police Bharti Me Safalta Pane Ke Liye Totka/ Upay. This paranormal experiment is suitable for aspirants seeking a job in any Police Force.

The procedure that has to be followed in order to successfully perform this paranormal remedy has been mentioned below:

1] This paranormal home remedy should be started 5 weeks before the actual date of the exam or any other procedure for the actual recruitment to the Police Force.

2] It should be practiced on Tuesdays, the practitioner should take 1.25 Kilograms of Uble Hue Kale Chane [boiled black gram in the English language] and some Halwa or Mithai along with him or her and give them to any hungry person to eat.

3] This remedy should be done for 5 Tuesdays and should be completed before the actual recruitment exams to the Police Force. It is not necessary to feed the same hungry person on all the 5 Tuesdays, if unable to find the same person, different person can be given the food stuff.

4] On the 5th and last Tuesday, after giving the Kale Chane and Halwa to a hungry person, the practitioner should request that person for anything he wishes to give him in return. If the person does not have anything to give, then, the practitioner should request him to pick up some mud and give it to to him.

5] Then, the practitioner has to wrap the mud in a piece of white cloth to make a small bundle.

6] The practitioner should then keep this bundle on his body while performing all the physical, medical, written exams and also for the oral exams or interview.

7] After, the completion of the recruitment to the Police Force, he should immerse the bundle in any flowing water body.


  1. Sir .What should a girl do during menstrual cycle.can it be continued or stopped .Then how it would be possible to do it consecutive 5 tuesday.
    Please answer the query

    1. Then, you should time it as per your Monthly Cycle so that it concludes before the examinations.

  2. Dear Guruji,

    Sl.No 2 have to mentioned 1.25 kilograms Black Gram it can be give every Tuesday 1.25 Kilogram (1.25*5=6.25) or only 1.25 kilogram for all 5 Tuesday

    please clarify the above .



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