Mantra to Prevent Vomiting during Travel

This Mantra, which, I have written about in this post is said to prevent vomiting while traveling. This Mantra, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva should be most useful and beneficial to those people who experience motion sickness during travel, this includes motion sickness on road, air or the sea and also motion sickness from amusement park rides and video games.

People who are suffering from motion sickness, especially while traveling in mountainous regions can keep chanting this Mantra to get relief and avoid falling sick and nauseated and ultimately vomiting.

जय शिव योग सिद्धि प्रणय |
नाडी वशीकरण दे सिद्धि प्रणय |
जय शिव योग धरणम् |
जय जय शिव ॐ |
Jai Shiv Yog Siddhi Pranaya |
Naadi Vashikaran De Siddhi Pranaya |
Jai Shiv Yog Dharanam |
Jai Jai Shiv Om |

There is no Siddhi Sadhana for using this Healing Mantra and it can be even be chanted before the actual journey by people who have developed a phobia and whose stomach starts churning simply at the thought of sitting in a car, bus, airplane or a ship. The same applies to those who are prone to motion sickness from amusement park rides and video games.

A couple of home remedies for motion sickness, which were posted a few years back can also be useful in getting relief from motion sickness. These simple home remedies can be see here -
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