Indian Magic Trick to Glow Like Fire in the Dark

A simple and easy to practice magical trick, which makes a person glow in the dark, like fire has been described by me in this post. This simple Indian Magical trick is used by magicians to entertain people, however, it was used in the past and is probably still being used by tricksters to delude people into believing that they possessed paranormal, magical and supernatural powers.

In many cases, this trick was used to frighten people for some or the other ulterior motive, like preventing them from entering a specific place.  In others cases, it was successfully practiced by gangs of thieves and dacoits into scaring people and making them run away so that they could rob their homes or make frightened travelers run away leaving their possession behind.

The magical trick is most simple to practice and the procedure of using it is given below:

1] The four ingredients mentioned below have to be taken in equal quantity and powdered to a paste, which is then filtered through a Muslin Cloth or a very fine strainer to filter the mixture and keep the fine powder for use in this magical experiment.

a] Shendur-Sindoor[Red Vermilion]
b] Gandhak [Brimstone]
c] Hartaal [Orpiment]
d] Mansheel[Realgar]

2] This fine powder in then applied on a piece of clothing, like a Shawl or a Pajama-Kurta.

3] Wearing the powder applied clothing is said to make a person glow in the dark, like fire.

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Note- All information is as per the concerned Tantra, hence, this site cannot take responsibility if anything goes wrong while performing this experiment to glow like fire in the dark, which is called in the Hindi language as the Andhere Me Agni Jaisa Chamakne Ka Jaduee Tantra.


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