Marriage Yantra for Makar Sankranti

A Yantra-Mantra Experiment for getting married, which should be started on the most auspicious day of the festival of Makar Sankranti has been described by me in this post. This is a most powerful Yantra Sadhana for both girl and boys aspiring to get married to a suitable life-partner.

The Yantra used apart from the Mantra contained in it is a Battisha Yantra, vibrating to the frequency of the number 32.

The procedure for performing this Marriage Experiment for finding a suitable bride or bridegroom on Makar Sankranti is as below:

1] The girl or boy desiring to get married should wear draw the Yantra at 12 O'clock in the afternoon, wearing unstiched clothes [Bina Sile Kapde] on white paper using Haldi[turmeric] paste as the ink and Anar Kalam[pointed stick of a pomegranate plant] as the ink. The marriage aspirant should write down his or her name and Rashi below the Yantra as shown in the image. Then he or she should keep the Yantra in their Puja-Ghar, if there is no Puja-Ghar in the house, then, a clean place will do.

Marriage Yantra Experiment started on Makar Sankranti

2] Then, on the coming Sunday, the marriage aspirant should follow the same procedure and make another similar Yantra and then roll the Yantra as burn it. After this, using a Haldi Mala[turmeric counting rosary] chant the Mantra given below 1008 times.
ॐ ह्रीं हंसः ||
Om Hreem Hamsah ||

3] This same procedure should be repeated for the next 6 Sundays [7 Sundays in all].

4] Then, after the completion of the 7 Sundays, the marriage aspirant should chant 10 Malas of the same Mantra, sitting in front of the Yantra in the Puja Ghar. This Mantra Sadhana should be practiced daily at 7 O'clock in the morning until the aspirant finally gets married. Girl aspirants should discontinue during the Monthly Cycle.

For many more options for getting married and resolving any problem and obstacle coming in the way of marriage or delaying marriage, you can see the section on – Marriage Mantras-Yantras and Remedies.


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