Healing Mantra for Peace and Strength

In this post, I have written about a Mantra for bringing total positivity, inner peace and strength into your lives. This simple and easy to pronounce Healing Mantra Chants also increases the levels of self-confidence and clarity and removes negativity of all kinds, including depression, anxiety, phobia, enemy and ghosts related worries and fears from the mind.

The Mantra, which is free from any kind of religious or Tantric rituals, is most suitable for all those people who are under stress that is resulting from some or the other kind of fear or depression, including the fear of the unknown and the paranormal or depression resulting from loss of job, demise of a loved one or divorce.

The effects of this Mantra can even be experienced immediately, provided you put full faith in the Mantra and chant it effortlessly in a calm and composed manner.

This Mantra contains the Hreem Beej- ह्रीं बीज, which is a most powerful and effective Shakti Beej that vibrates with the atmosphere or nature and attracts the harmonious positive vibrations that are always present in the atmosphere.

The Mantra is divided into 2 parts, which can easily be combined to convert it into a single Mantra Chant.

The first part shown below is for attracting complete peace and tranquility in your lives.

Om Hreem Shanti Dehi ||
ॐ ह्रीं शान्ती देहि ||

By adding the words Balam, meaning strength+self confidence, at the end of the above Mantra, it turns into a Mantra that also gives self confidence and strength to the chanter of the Mantra.

Om Hreem Shanti Dehi Balam Dehi  ||
ॐ ह्रीं शान्ती देहि बलं देही ||

The chanter can use this Mantra as per his or her desires, like a long term Mantra Chant for auspiciousness and happiness.

Even though, a fixed number of Mantra Chants have not been prescribed for the daily chanting of this Mantra, a sufficient period of time, like half or one hour should be set aside daily of the Mantra Chanting, which should be completed in a single go without taking a break.

Along with this, you can also chant the Mantra any number of times whenever you are under stress or experiencing any kind of fear or depression.


  1. Neel sir..very keen to know this.can chanting of Om hreem shanthi dehi balam dehi,evade or stop real problems either spiritual or material damage done by people or unseen beings or it only addresses and corrects our own mental fear and not the real threat posed..just very very keen to get an answer from you over this neel sir.please sir.

    1. These are powerful Mantra Chants that will address all your mental as well as externat fears,

  2. Neel sir,another question that needs an answer from you,for every ones sake..the word shanti means peace,peace that appears because it gives everything that a simple man or woman with simple needs wants and that's what i am assuming.so neel sir would chanting of om hreem shanthi dehi balam dehi also give us good health and freedom from bodily disease and pain.hope you would reply sir.

    1. Yes, Shanti can give you everything because peace of the mind makes the mind vibrate to the higher frequencies where all things are possible.

  3. neel sir..thank you so much for all the answers.


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