Hanuman Mantra for Extraordinary Strength and Energy

Today, a very simple but effective and extremely rare Prayer Mantra of Hanuman is been given here for the first time for getting extraordinary and immense strength with the grace and blessings of none other than the God of Strength Hanuman. The procedure of practicing this Mantra to gain unbelievable strength and energy is described below- Post By Guru Swami

1] Recite Shri Ram Jay Ram Mantra for 1 Mala and Ram Ramaya Namah for 1 Mala before and after the chanting of the Mantra.

2] Along with the above, performing basic Puja is necessary and the Sadhak should pray to Hanuman for getting extreme strength and energy.

3] Recite the Hanuman Mantra given below 540 times, 3 times a day and if that is not possible then 216 times.

Jay hanumanta jay balwanta bal do maha balwanta ram ke pyare sab ko tare tumhari shakti kon nahi jane jay balwanta jai hanumanta
जय हनुमंता जय बलवंता बल दो महा बलवंता राम के प्यारे सब को तारे तुम्हारी शक्ति कोन नहीं जाने जय बलवंता जय हनुमंता 

4] The Mantra Sadhana should be done for 42 days.

The Sadhak should maintain Brahmcharya and visit an Hanuman Mandir daily with some Bhaint and  recite the Hanuman Chalisa and pray to Hanuman in the temple.

Shivir for Hathiya Veer Sadhana
A Shivir is being organized for Hathiya Veer Sadhana more details will be given to interested persons on the contact details given below.

In this 3 day Sadhana there will be live Sadhana and live practicals given by Sadhaks, which they will personally experience.

This Hathiya Veer is extremely powerful and rare and also very less known, the name Hathi means very stubborn.  The Hathiya Veer does the work of the Sadhaks after the Sadhak gets Siddhi over the Sadhana.


  1. Dear Guru Swami,
    Is it necessary to start this sadhana on a Tuesday?

  2. Sir, the mantra should be chanted 540 times thrice meaning 1620 times or three times 180 chants meaning total 540 chants. Please answer this question.

  3. Guruji,
    infinite obeissances to u....
    216 times means 2 mala and 540 times means 5 mala na guruji?
    Also,what is the limit of strength that comes from this mantra?

  4. Can I only chant 2 Malas in morning if I don't require extreme strength? Also can a rudraksh rosary be used?

  5. Can I use a rudraksh mala & chant 2 malas only if I don’t require extreme strength?

  6. ऐसा प्रतीत होता है कि पाठक शरीर की शक्ति से तुलना कर रहे हैं .कम शक्ति चाहिए तो कम जप करें ,ज्यादा शक्ति चाहिए तो ज्यादा जप करें -ऐसा मान रहे हैं .हनुमानजी की उपासना से
    न केवल शारीरिक शक्ति में वृद्धि होती है,बल्कि मानसिक शक्ति में भी अभूतपूर्व लाभ होता है .
    शक्ति को विस्तृत अर्थ में लेते हुए जप करें .

  7. Namashkar guru ji.ladies can do this Sadhana?

  8. Hello,I wanted to ask if the pratyangira mool mantra is advisable for me to do,someone has put something in me that is allowing the person to full control me and it's also made me weak enogh to get influenced by others thoughts,not able to eat or sleep

    1. I think that is your imagination no one has put anything inside you or is controlling you. This Hanuman Mantra can also strengthen your mind.

  9. Dear Guruji,
    Does this mantra give akhanda brahmacharya strength as iam facing very bad phase of my life not able to control sexual urge not yet married but dont like to do sex but my body asking very much sexual desires with so many different girls everytime whenever I am bit relaxed i get these desires. And one more thing "Sri ram jay ram" and "ram ramaya namaha" please give full mantra of this which I need to chant before and after this mantra


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